Awww. Poor Candidate is Getting Criticized

Awww. Poor Candidate is Getting Criticized September 3, 2013

You’ll weep crocodile tears after you stop laughing at the hyperbolic language of this article. “BULL’S-EYE ON CANDIDATE FOR SUPPORTING MARRIAGE,” the headline screams, with the subhead “Congressional hopeful ‘inundated by left’ after endorsing traditional family.” What’s that mean? It means he’s being criticized.

Dean Young, a candidate for Congress in Alabama’s first district, says he’s being “inundated by the left” for his endorsement of traditional marriage and his request that fellow Republican primary candidates do the same…

The story says: “Alabama Republican Dean Young, a candidate for the congressional seat of retiring Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Ala., is not a fan of gay rights. So, in an effort to make opposition to gay marriage a key issue in the crowded GOP primary race, Young unveiled a pledge this week asking his opponents to affirm their religious faith and opposition to LGBT rights.”

But Young said he’s not “anti-gay” and that his purpose in calling for his fellow Republicans to pledge support is based on solid moral and historical principles.

“We’re very close to being at the end of our nation. If we don’t support the godly principles that made this nation great, then we’re going to lose this nation,” he said.

Yeah, he’s not anti-gay. He just thinks that protecting their rights will destroy the nation, that’s all.

Young admits to being taken aback by the amount of attention his call for a pro-family pledge has received.

“I had no idea that this would turn into a national onslaught and that the Huffington Post and other liberal papers would think that’s such a bizarre thing that I did,” he said.

Yes, I’m sure you’re just flabbergasted to find out that people disagree with you and might criticize you when you say something stupid and bigoted. You should probably get used to it if you’re going to be in Congress.

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