Patriots Release, I Mean Persecute, Tim Tebow

Patriots Release, I Mean Persecute, Tim Tebow September 4, 2013

The New England Patriots released Tim Tebow over the weekend. Naturally, that can only be because they hate Christians and God and are persecuting him. They even threw him out on the field against the Lions a couple weeks ago. How clear does it have to be? The commenters at The Blaze know what’s up.

It is quite clear that Tim Tebow is not on a team because of his faith. It’s funny but if he truly wants to be an NFL QB he should probably come out and tell the world he is gay. This will get him a starting QB job with any team!

Yes, of course, because the NFL team owners are nothing if not a bunch of politically correct liberals who don’t give a damn about winning.

There is some talk that Brady convinced the Patriots owner to let Tebow tryout knowing they would cut him. An attempt what Brady thought he would enjoy emotionally and spiritually crushing Tebow but it backfired and had the opposite effect. No matter what Tebow stands strong in his faith and thats enough for him.

Evidence? Of course not.

This is the Patriots loss, God will be with Tim any where he goes and any team he plays on will be blessed and shine like stars. The Patriots are my favorite team in the NFL, but I suspect they might not do so well this year.

Yeah, like the Jets last year and how blessed they were and how they shone like stars.

God has made it evident to Tim, and myself that he is most definitely using Tim through football. If you can’t see that, then you haven’t been paying attention. Would we even be talking about Tim if he played like everyone else, or played perfect most of the time? The answer is a resounding, no. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and we have been blessed to witness the holy spirit working through Tim. I have no doubt that he will have success as an NFL QB. I don’t know how that will work out, but it will.

Riiight. Because if he was winning Super Bowls, he wouldn’t get any attention at all. And when Tebow doesn’t have success as an NFL quarterback — and he won’t — will you then blame God? If God really wanted Tebow to get attention as a QB, he’d give him the ability to throw with accuracy.

2 words… JaMarcus Russell. How can this guy still b on a roster. Tebow is getting screwed. He’s a solid player.

Uh, JaMarcus Russell isn’t on a roster. Hasn’t been in several years. Never will be again.

Shame on NFL Owners and Coach’s for caving under the pressure brought on by the Satanic liberals that have taken over ESPN and the other Sport Media outlets.

Satan! That’s the ticket, Tim should sell his soul to Satan in exchange for better throwing mechanics.

Tebow is not only a great college quarterback- cough, cough, Heisman Trophy, cough, cough- but he was doing just fine in the NFL. His stats as a beginner were better than Elway’s. Fact is, Elway didn’t want to see his records in Denver eclipsed so they didn’t EVER give him a real chance. THEY TRADED THEIR BEST RECEIVER THE WEEK TEBOW TOOK OVER THEN THEY TRADED THEIR OLD QB TO A TEAM IN THE SAME DIVISION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON. Who does that???? But TEBOW STILL GOT THEM TO THE PLAYOFFS. The fans loved him and, last I knew, the NFL is still a business. The jealous losers that continue to persecute Tebow will fail. With God, all things are possible. Tebow’s talent will not go to waste. Just wait- he will thrive.

Now that’s just funny. Funny how the guy that Elway was terrified would break all his records just played three preseason games and completely a whopping 36% of his passes. I’m sure Elways was just quaking in his boots at the thought of Tebow going to the hall of fame and making fans forget him.

I think he was cut because the NFL owners are trying to remove the Christian stigma from football. Tebow is arguably the most “Christian” of all the players. Before he was traded to the Jets, he won 8 straight games in a row, and a playoff game, a feat that Paton Manning was unable to beat last year. His reward? Elway traded him. Then he went to the jets, where he hardly ever played, while the Jets stuck with a slumping Sanchez. We were told that he didn’t play well in practice, Playing well in practice is highly subjective, and no one outside of the team saw him playing. Then after being traded to the Patriots, he gets cut after throwing 2 touchdown passes, winning the game. Sorry, but I smell a “fix”.

Of course you do. Try Fabreze. It just goes on and on like this for pages. The funniest ones were all the comments saying something like, “If only he had a bunch of kids with different women or did drugs, every team would love to have him.” Such absurdity. The fact that the NFL often overlooks terrible behavior by their athletes is because the only thing they care about is talent and winning. That someone could seriously think that an NFL team would refuse to make Tebow their QB because he’s too Christian is incredibly inane.

Look, Tebow will go and do what he was inevitably going to do after football, which is form Tim Tebow Ministries, write a book, make a huge amount of money giving motivational speeches and probably market a sports drink called JesusAde.

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