Christie Turning Jersey Into Gay Saudi Arabia

Christie Turning Jersey Into Gay Saudi Arabia September 5, 2013

The American Thinker may be the world’s most ironically named website, filled with writers who simply aren’t capable of anything like thinking. It would be like me launching a website called the American Marathon Runner. A perfect example is this article by Fay Voshell which says that Chris Christie is turning New Jersey into a newer, gayer Saudi Arabia.

When Chris Christie signed a law against conversion therapy directed at counseling teens experiencing homoerotic feelings, he probably didn’t think he had just put New Jersey on a path similar to countries like Saudi Arabia, which forbids conversion from the prevailing Muslim faith.

But forbidding efforts to convert is essentially what the governor did. He expressly forbade conversion from the prevailing progressive religion, whose chief doctrine is that sexual behavior, including the homoerotic behavior of some children, is a sacred, infallible, and therefore unchangeable indicator of what human identity entails.

He forbade moral suasion. He forbade attempts to persuade young people that another way of life is available. That other way that is forbidden is, of course, the way of Christian sexual ethics. Counseling a kid to follow the Christian way, to attempt to change his or her homoerotic behavior, is verboten.

The analogy is not just inaccurate, it’s utterly ridiculous. There is a very big difference between trying to convince someone to change their beliefs about something and trying to change their sexual orientation. What the law bans is a form of “therapy” that has been shown to do enormous psychological damage to the overwhelming majority of people who go through it, most of them forced to do so by their parents. The law prevents licensed therapists from committing malpractice.

No one just “converts” from being gay to straight the way people change from one religion to another (or to none) every day. Even the leaders of the “ex-gay” movement have acknowledged that their orientation does not change, they don’t stop being attracted to the same sex, they just try very hard to deny who they are and not act on it. And if someone wants to do that, they’re welcome to do so. But licensed therapists and bigoted parents should not be forcing it on them.

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