Rafael Cruz’ Disconnect With Reality

Rafael Cruz’ Disconnect With Reality September 5, 2013

Has there ever been a major political figure whose father was as outspoken as Rafael Cruz? Even the first President Bush pretty much kept quiet when his son was involved in politics. But Ted Cruz may well want his dad to shut up before long as he continues to make statements that are completely disconnected to reality. From a recent townhall meeting:

We can be complacent no more, we can be silent no more! You know, we have seen our lives under attack. Our quality of life is being eroded more and more and more as our liberties are taken away. As regulations and more taxation, we are seeing our lives being destroyed.”

Our treasures, let me tell you, the Obama administration has both their hands in your pocket. They are trying to take every hard-earned dollar that you make and give it out in handouts to buy votes.

But I’ll tell you something, they can take our lives, they can take our fortunes, but they cannot take our honor!”They cannot take our honor! No one can take our honor!

That last paragraph is just standard-issue emotional rhetoric, completely substance-free and designed solely to fire up the rubes. And the second one is just plain false. The overwhelming majority of Americans have paid less in taxes since Obama took office, even with Democrats in charge of both houses of Congress for the first two years, than they did when Bush was in office. Half of the stimulus bill in 2009 was made up of a wide variety of tax cuts, for crying out loud. More were included in the Affordable Care Act, the Small Business Jobs Act and the HIRE Act.

The only significant tax increase has been on those earning more than $400,000 a year, and only back up to the levels we had throughout the 1990s. Did people have “every hard-earned dollar” taken from them in the 1990s? Of course not. As usual, right wing rhetoric has almost no relationship with reality. They just keep repeating the same talking points no matter how much the evidence contradicts them.

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