Lively’s Bizarre Definition of ‘Freedom’

Lively’s Bizarre Definition of ‘Freedom’ September 6, 2013

Deranged bigot Scott Lively continues his diatribes in favor of Russia’s oppressive law that forbids “homosexual propaganda,” which has been defined as acknowledging being gay in public in any way. Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, he says, is a “hero of family values” and Russia is a “beacon of freedom.”

As the United States and the United Kingdom morph slowly into a “gay” version of the Soviet Union, an unlikely hero of family values has emerged: Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a stunning reversal of roles, the Russian Bear has become the defender of Christian civilization against the Cultural-Marxist American Eagle and British Lion.

While America and Britain compete to see how fast they can turn their children into Sodomites, Russia has banned homosexual propaganda to youth. While the “mainstream” American and British press publish only pro-”gay” puffery and propaganda, Russia’s Pravda has become a counter-balance to their lies. While the US and UK public schools have erected an iron curtain to prevent students from encountering any pro-family arguments or advocates, the Russian schools are preparing their boys and girls for healthy, normal marriage. And while the “Land of the Free” and its Mother Country (which once promised that “Britons never, ever, ever shall be slaves“) embrace police-state tactics against Bible-believing Christians, the former Communist slave state is becoming a beacon of freedom to those who love God‘s design for the family.

This is downright Orwellian. Destroying the freedom to be openly gay and throwing gay people in prison for even wearing a rainbow shirt makes them a “beacon of freedom.” You keep using that word, but you don’t have a fucking clue what it means.

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  • Lofty

    Freedom to be a asshole to everyone not like him.

  • marcus

    Lively: Co-conspirator to state-sanctioned murder.

    How does it feel to have innocent blood on your hands you pathetic asshole?

  • Keep in mind that Lively was the author of The Pink Swastika, which blamed Nazi Germany and the Holocaust on a cabal of gay men. He helped to found Watchmen on the Walls, a fundamentalist hate group associated with several homophobic attacks in Latvia, California and Washington State, and brought branches of the group to the US. He also claims credit for Uganda’s “kill the gays” legislation, and claims to be the prime mover behind similar legislation in other African countries.

    Scott Lively has a lot of LGBT blood on his hands. He is the kind of person who makes me wish that there really is a vengeful god who will punish him to never ending torment for his crimes.

  • MikeMa

    As much as I hope to see Lively vilified in the present, I get a small bit of comfort knowing history will view him as a small, mean bastard spitting into the wind.

  • matty1

    Police state tactics? I can think of a handful of cases where gay people won civil suits against businesses that were discrimination but I’ve not heard of the police being involved.

  • Scr… Archivist

    In the United States, there are two different poles of belief about what freedom and liberty are. From Lively’s perspective his claims certainly can make sense, if you think of “freedom” being “lack of accountability” coupled with “power over”.

    This essay may be of interest:

    When a Southern conservative talks about “losing his liberty,” the loss of this absolute domination over the people and property under his control — and, worse, the loss of status and the resulting risk of being held accountable for laws that he was once exempt from — is what he’s really talking about. In this view, freedom is a zero-sum game. Anything that gives more freedom and rights to lower-status people can’t help but put serious limits on the freedom of the upper classes to use those people as they please. It cannot be any other way. So they find Yankee-style rights expansions absolutely intolerable, to the point where they’re willing to fight and die to preserve their divine right to rule.

    This goes beyond wealthy “Southern conservative” aristocrats and can include anti-gay Christian supremacists. The fact that Lively is from California doesn’t make him a liberal. After all, lots of people have moved there, including refugees from the Dustbowl of the 1930’s.

  • observer

    MikeMa, history won’t even be that kind to him. History will have no specific recollection of him whatsoever. He’s already arrived at irrelevance. Complete obscurity will be his final reward.

  • marcus

    @5 You’re just being silly matty1! That’s because once the police kicked in their doors and arrested the “Defenders of the True Faith” they were disappeared to a FEMA re-education camp.

  • cptdoom

    Keep in mind that Lively was the author of The Pink Swastika, which blamed Nazi Germany and the Holocaust on a cabal of gay men.

    You’ll be shocked to learn Lively is about to publish a version of his fiction in Russian, with a copy going to Putin.

    The only good aspect to the more rabid rhetoric from the anti-gay right that seems to be happening now is that it is likely a sign they know they are losing in the States. How many countries they damage in their quest for theocracy is unknown, however, as they seem hell-bent on exporting the hate that no longer works here (sort of like the tobacco companies moved their businesses overseas as the US reduced and eliminated places to smoke).

  • cuervodecuero

    cptdoom @#9

    Sounds like Lively is hoping to be the next “Protocols of Zion” right into the heartland of his clonework’s inspiration.

    I can see where he’d be squirming in delighted anticipation. The Russian Czarist seekrit police’s trumped up book of bolshevit about Eeeeeevil Jewry that went viral before going viral existed and is considered Word O Sacred Truth even to this day by the UsualSuspectsTM, is a high standard for inciting hatred and scapegoating.

    As an aside, I get morbid entertainment out of ‘Muricans who can scream about Obama being a communist, praising Putin for being a heavenly defender of the Faith and Capitalism. You know…defender of the Russian Orthodox church, that bastion of aid and support to Protestant sects and former Soviet boss in the KGB communist enforcement agency. The cognitive dissonance is astounding, likely because those that manage it are the ones that survived their skulls ‘sploding in switching beliefs about Russia.

  • pocketnerd

    Maybe I’m superficial, but I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before Scott Lively is caught with his pants around his ankles in a gay bar.

  • thascius

    @11-Hopefully never. We don’t want him.