Son of Anti-Sharia Fraud Endorses Sharia for Gays

Son of Anti-Sharia Fraud Endorses Sharia for Gays September 7, 2013

Walid Shoebat is the most prominent of the fake “ex-terrorists” now earning big coin terrifying the rubes on the far right with tales of the impending Sharia law takeover of America. How ironic, then, that his son Theodore — and his father too, I’m sure — wants America to “outlaw the sodomite” just like the Muslim reactionaries want.

What is the homosexual agenda about? It is about conquest, and the persecution of Christians. Just by perusing today’s news, it is easily found that this reality continues to expose itself as the sodomites proceed to advance their despotic ideology…

They keep telling us about their fear of having a “Christian nation,” when in reality they are striving to establish a sodomite despotism, why they are gradually making more an more powerful and conspicuous.

If they succeed, we will live under an outright Homosexual inquisition, and if they really had their way, they would build a homosexual empire. How do I know that this is true? Very simple, look into history and we will find the ultimate results of homosexuality…

Outlaw the sodomite before he outlaws you.

Gosh, Theodore, you sound remarkably like those Muslim barbarians you claim to oppose so strongly. What a surprise.

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