Liz Cheney, the Second Coming of Winston Churchill

Liz Cheney, the Second Coming of Winston Churchill September 8, 2013

Liz Cheney’s primary challenge to Sen. Mike Enzi is floundering. She’s getting crushed in the polls and she’s getting desperate. So what does she do? Compares herself to Winston Churchill fighting against Adolf Hitler (played, of course, by Barack Obama).

Cheney filled her 90-minute speech and question-and-answer session with red meat for the conservative crowd. She compared herself to Winston Churchill standing up to Adolf Hitler and suggested members of both parties in Congress are hiding information about Obamacare from the public. She wrote off the entire newspaper industry, but more specifically the Jackson Hole News&Guide.

Melodramatic much? Oh, and she delivered empty platitudes like this:

Cheney said her candidacy — she plans to challenge incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi for his seat in the 2014 Republican primary — is important because the country is at a turning point.

“Nations go through moments where the people in those countries have to make a choice and have to make a decision,” she said.

Wow, Liz. That’s profound. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the people in every country have to make lots of choices and decisions every day, don’t they?

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