Fair Use Applies to Pat Robertson Too

Fair Use Applies to Pat Robertson Too September 17, 2013

Remember a couple weeks ago when Pat Robertson said on the 700 Club that gay men in San Francisco had special rings that would cut you when they shook hands so you’d get AIDS? That was so moronic and dishonest that they tried to make it disappear by editing it out of the show when it was put online. Then they filed copyright claims to prevent it from being put on all of the big streaming video sites. Now it’s back:

Robertson’s CBN had tried to remove the video from the Internet, first by claiming copyright infringement and having it removed from Youtube and Dailymotion, then by editing it out of its own rebroadcasts.

RightWingWatch.com, which originally posted the video, filed a counterclaim with Youtube that the video was protected by fair use. Youtube sided with Rigth Wing Watch and has now restored the video.

I guess Pat didnt pray hard enough. Here’s the video:


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  • Michael Heath

    Well, the only recourse Mr. Robertson and his allies is to now claim S.F. gay men do in fact use these rings and then argue it’s a liberal media conspiracy to cover it all up.

  • Artor


    Of course! Who are you going to believe; a respectable man like Robertson, or someone from the gayhomoickysex lobby?

  • left0ver1under

    Gay people do it? I thought only whacked-out dentists did it.