God Tells Pastor to Run for Senate in NC

God Tells Pastor to Run for Senate in NC September 23, 2013

Southern Baptist Minister Mark Harris, who led the drive to put a same-sex marriage ban in North Carolina’s constitution, has announced that he’s going to challenge Sen. Kay Hagan for her seat. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s all because God wants him to do it.

Beth Harris told the group how God brought her to a point of “complete excitement, looking forward to this journey, really, really believing that this is God’s will.”

“The Lord gave me complete peace that Mark is not stepping down, he is not stepping away from anything God has called him to,” she said.

Asking God, “Why Mark?” she read Scripture, prayed and saw “the kind of preparation God has given Mark in ministry is the kind of leadership that is needed in a legislative body.”

Being a pastor is good preparation for the Senate? Yeah, not so much. Here’s Harris in action, making some just plain silly claims about people choosing the “homosexual lifestyle” (there is no such thing, of course) and doctors being divided over it — just like scientists are on global warming.


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