Putin and the Argument From Childbirth

Putin and the Argument From Childbirth September 24, 2013

One of the dumber arguments offered up by bigots in opposition to marriage equality goes something like this: “ZOMG! Gays can’t have kids so humanity will die off if we let them get married.” The argument is utterly moronic, which is why it’s not the least bit surprising to hear Vladimir Putin hinting at it:

Putin says while some European nations have allowed gay marriages, “the Europeans are dying out … and gay marriages don’t produce children.”

He added that heterosexual couples should have more children to reverse a population decline, saying “let us make our own choice, as we see it for our country.”

Funny how the only one who gets a “choice” are those who want to oppress others. Gays don’t get any choice to be allowed to live their lives as they see fit. And that is justified with this astonishingly stupid argument from childbirth. Really? All Europeans are dying out? Even the ones from countries that don’t allow gay marriage? Gee, a rational person might think that undermines your argument — not that it needed undermining, of course. What do they think is going to happen here? Do they think that if they don’t allow gay people to get married, they’ll magically become straight, go pair off with a member of the opposite sex and start popping out babies?

Scott Lively thinks that if Russia keeps being a beacon of theocratic authoritarianism, American fundamentalist Christians will start emigrating there. I say we strike a deal: Russia takes all of our bigots and we take all of their gay people.

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