Corsi, Jones Spin a Tall Tale of Treason

Corsi, Jones Spin a Tall Tale of Treason September 27, 2013

Jerome Corsi, apparently concerned that writing for the Worldnutdaily didn’t put him far enough out on the right wing fringe, decided to go on the Alex Jones show and claim, without a shred of evidence and with several patently ridiculous statements, that Obama and the Saudis were behind the mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

Birther conspiracy theorist and Tom DeLay co-author Jerome Corsi appeared on InfoWars with Alex Jones to explain his theory that President Obama and Raila Odinga, the former prime minister of Kenya, “made this pact with the radical Islamists in Kenya that was going to allow Al Qaeda to come through the door through Somalia into Kenya,” and are therefore to blame for the Nairobi mall attack by the Al Qaeda-linked group al-Shabab.

He said Obama and Odinga “engineered” an “open door to Somali terrorists to pour into” Kenya. “This is the Saudis backing Al Qaeda, joined by Obama backing Al Qaeda,” Corsi maintained.

“This is basically Obama behind jihadis, connected to this attack,” Jones contended. “So they are using Al Qaeda worldwide as the proxy war to take over all these countries in North Africa and now into Kenya.”

“They are going to turn everything over to radical Muslims,” he continued. “So Obama is lowering the drawbridge from Egypt to Syria to Kenya to Libya to Central Asia to everywhere to bring in Al Qaeda, this is high treason.”

Uh, yeah. Except Al Qaeda has wanted for years to overthrow the Saudi royal family. And Kenyan Prime Minister Odinga is not a Muslim, he’s a born again Christian. And he’s been waging a major war against al-Shabab and asking the west to help them. Those pesky facts just keep getting in the way of these deranged conspiracy theories.

And seriously, has Obama not been bombing the shit out of Al Qaeda targets enough for Corsi? Being a wingnut means never, ever changing your narrative, no matter what the facts say. He’s ramped up the war on terror on nearly every front, but that doesn’t even make a dent in the right wing’s inane attempts to paint him as a pro-terrorist appeaser.

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