Dean Chambers’ Dumbest Prediction Yet

Dean Chambers’ Dumbest Prediction Yet September 30, 2013

Dean Chambers clearly doesn’t learn lessons very well. Or maybe he just doesn’t care if he ends up being humiliated publicly as long as it earns him some attention. But after being thoroughly embarrassed by “unskewing” the polls and predicting a Romney landslide last year, he’s made his dumbest prediction yet: Chris Christie is going to run as a Democrat, because only as a Republican could he get elected as a fat man. Or something.

Chris Christie isn’t seriously working at losing weight because of health or vanity. He’s doing it because he very seriously want to be the next President of the United States. If he ran a Republican he could be overweight and get elected, like Taft or even others more recently. But to run as a Democrat, because Democrats are more vain about factors like that, he knows he need to slim down and look the part. Notice the liberal Hollywood will never cast a heavy guy as the president in the movies.

I’m predicting it today. Chris Christie is going to run for president in 2016 as a Democrat. Yes you read that right, Chris Christie will run for president in 2016 as a Democrat.

He can’t win the Republican nomination, no matter what, no matter how much support from the party insider he gets, and he’s not getting that, because the party insiders are lining up behind the candidacy of former Florida Governor, and rising RINO, Jeb Bush. And Christie can not run as a conservative alternative to the party establishment’s RINO candidate either. He has no where to go in the GOP for his national ambitions, and there is zero path to the GOP nomination for Chris Christie.

Oh, Dean. I hope you have the courage of your convictions. I think you should step up to the plate like Brad Marston did last year when he bet me $2500 that Herman Cain was going to win the Republican nomination. So how about it? $2500, me and you, and I promise to extract maximum public humiliation when I win.

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