Mefferd Isn’t Good at Math

Mefferd Isn’t Good at Math September 30, 2013

Wingnut radio host Janet Mefferd is beside herself that the Senate confirmed the nomination of an openly gay judge to an appeals court and she shows both her inability to do math and deliberate indifference to reality in claiming that gays are “overrepresented” on the federal bench.

“Because he had to be gay?” Mefferd asked. “I mean, that was like a qualification, if you’re going to be on the appeals court you better be gay? That’s how it rolls now.”

“They mention that at least seven gay or lesbian judges now serve or have served on federal district courts; sounds like overrepresentation,” she continued. “I don’t know how many judges are on that system but we’re talking about what, 2-3% of the population? This is overrepresentation but they don’t care.”

Precisely the opposite; it’s underrepresentation but Mefferd doesn’t care. A quick Google search would have told her that there are 874 federal judges. Which means seven gay judges would be less than one percent. Math — it’s your friend. Unless you’re a wingnut.

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