Joyner Prays for ‘Military Takeover’ and ‘Martial Law’

Joyner Prays for ‘Military Takeover’ and ‘Martial Law’ October 3, 2013

Wingnut preacher Rick Joyner tells his followers that President Obama is turning American into a “terrible tyranny” and that he is praying that God will raise up military leaders willing to overthrow him and impose martial law on the country.

“We’re headed for serious tyranny, a terrible tyranny right now,” he continued. “But guess what? The kingdom is coming, the Kingdom of God is coming. And America is not the Kingdom of God. I think we have been used in some wonderful and powerful ways by God, we’ve been one of the most generous nations in history. We’ve done so much good.”

“That’s why I appeal to the Lord: Don’t let us be totally destroyed, please raise up those who will save us. And as I’ve been telling friends for a long time, no election is going to get the right person in there because the system is so broken.”

Joyner added that the “only hope is a military takeover, martial law.”

“And that the most crucial element of that is who to the martial [sic] is going to be,” he said. “I believe there are noble leaders in our military that love the republic and love everything we stand for. And they could seize the government.”

Sounds a lot like treason, doesn’t it?


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