WND Promotes Crackpot

WND Promotes Crackpot October 3, 2013

The Worldnetdaily offers a video by Sid Roth that claims to have “proof [that] evolution is not scientific.” The video features Bruce Malone, who makes some truly silly claims about science and evolution. Among other things:

“I realized what I had been told about world history couldn’t possibly be true,” Bruce Malone tells Sid Roth, “because the very rocks themselves don’t match the characteristics of these ‘huge’ time periods [that evolution requires].”

A former inventor and chemical engineer for Dow Chemical, today Malone is the director of Search for Truth Ministries precisely because the evidence convinced him evolution was nothing more than “storytelling” to convince the world there is no God.

A chemical engineer who has absolutely no knowledge of geology, which is why he says stupid things like this:

Everything I’d been taught says this world is billions of years old, but this speaker was showing how fossils could not possibly be billions of years old. And the more I studied it, the more I realized that’s true. If you think about a fossil, it’s a dead animal caught in a rock layer. And yet if you have a fish that dies in your aquarium, it doesn’t turn into a fossil.

Yep, he actually said that. Sid Roth, who does the interview, hosts this show called It’s Supernatural. It’s breathtakingly bad. Like this show, where his guest “has been shown by God how to supernaturally change your DNA. He calls it “genetic salvation.” It goes beyond four generations of genetic curses — all the way to where the flaw started. Back to Adam and Eve.”


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