Rob Schneider Explains Why He Hasn’t Worked

Rob Schneider Explains Why He Hasn’t Worked October 4, 2013

Former SNL cast member Rob Schneider probably doesn’t even qualify as a has-been. More like a barely-was. He had bit parts in a few mediocre movies and lead roles in a couple of historically awful ones (Deuce Bigalow, anyone?). But that’s only because the Democrats in California tax so much.

“The state of California is a mess,” Schneider declared, “and the supermajority of Democrats is not working. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat and I have to switch over because it no longer serves the people of this great state. We need to have a new voice. We need to have a new direction, and we need to break the supermajority. It isn’t helping with jobs.”

“The last time I made a movie in California was seven years ago,” he said. “And that’s because we’re not being competitive. I own a vitamin company with my friend and we moved out of state because of overregulation. It isn’t helping businesses.”

In related news, Victoria Jackson hasn’t been in a movie because of gay people. It’s not because they are talentless mediocrities that couldn’t sell tickets to a raffle.

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