Troy Newman: Outlaw, Brave Hero

Troy Newman: Outlaw, Brave Hero October 4, 2013

One of the more amusing habits of wingnuts is their tendency to declare themselves to be brave heroes standing up to tyranny (and simultaneously, of course, victims of the most awful persecution). Troy Newman, head of the fanatical anti-choice Operation Rescue, climbs up on the pedestal and recites his credentials:

Today I’ve become an outlaw, a dissenter, an enemy of the state. Without my consent, the U.S. Congress passed a law that forces my conscience and conviction into an inescapable corner. I do not want to be in this position. I did not ask for it. I have not even taken a single action that would put me on the wrong side of the law – yet, somehow, here I am suddenly “breaking” it.

You can almost see him painting his face blue and doing an impersonation of Mel Gibson doing an impersonation of a Scotsman. Oh, and you don’t need health insurance if you just rely on Gawd Almighty:

Eighteen years ago, I left my full-time job with an aerospace firm in San Diego to become a full-time ordained minister. When I left my employment, I also left my health insurance. Since my new position as a minister scarcely paid the bills, my family relied on God’s provision to cover all of our health-care needs, as well as everything else in our lives. Again and again, God showed Himself faithful, and I slowly learned over the next two decades to put all of my trust in Him.

When my children were born, the money to pay the doctors was delivered, too. When someone was sick, or needed stiches, or a broken bone set, or a minor surgery, God would provide the means necessary to cover the medical costs incurred.

I think we’ve found the Republican alternative health care reform plan, and it’s identical to their alternative plan for everything: Just pray!

Left unchecked, this new health-care law is fully capable of leading the United States into becoming a police state. That may sound crazy to some – like I should be wearing a tinfoil hat or something – but I’m a student of history, and it doesn’t take long to see the scope of past civilizations that have been seduced into surrendering first their rights and then their lives, all under the offer of some so-called protection.

I’ve read the health-care law; it isn’t going to protect, save, or help any of us.

Really? The 30 million people who will be getting health insurance that they didn’t have before, none of them will be helped? The millions of people who can now get health insurance that they were denied before due to preexisting conditions, none of them will be helped? Is that your final answer?

This is not the case of a rebel searching for a cause. This cause found me when Congress decided our constitutional rights and our preborn children were expendable. I wasn’t a criminal yesterday, or for the past 18 years, but somehow today I find myself on the other side of the law. So be it. I’ve seen all the chest thumping coming from Washington, and I’ve heard all about “red lines” and “no negotiations,” but I’m just a simple man with a simple plan.

I’m not buying a health-care policy that will fund abortion, and I’m certainly not paying any penalty for freely choosing to do so. At some point, they may lock me up. Before that, I’ll probably get some threatening letters and a few visits from the health-care cops. At the end of the day, however, my answer will be the same:

He claims to have read the health care law. If he had, he would know that it does not include any penalties for not buying health insurance, not even minor civil ones. Certainly no jail time. So he’s either lying when he says he’s read the bill or he’s lying when he says he may be locked up. But lies are what it takes to justify his brave hero status, so lies are what he has to offer.

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