Pat Robertson’s Health Care Plan

Pat Robertson’s Health Care Plan October 8, 2013

An elderly viewer wrote to Pat Robertson on the 700 Club saying that her husband has serious medical problems and they are on a very limited income, asking if it was okay to spend money they give to the church for medical expenses instead. Robertson, of course, said no, that if you tithe you wouldn’t have medical problems.


The absurd thing is that this very person disproved his claim. She said she’s been tithing regularly since she was a child and she and her husband have consistently tithed, yet her husband is sick. This is Pat Robertson’s idea of health care, just give your money to God — that is, to Robertson — and you’ll never get sick. And the fact that everyone who tithes sometimes gets sick is magically whisked away. As usual, religion is immune to facts.

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  • unbound

    Er, didn’t Pat have heart surgery a few years ago? Does this mean his health care doesn’t work, or that he doesn’t tithe?

  • Chiroptera

    Pat Robertson’s Health Care Plan

    Heh. When I first saw the title, I thought: Send him money?

  • Obviously, she was not tithing the proper percentage. Skimping on your tithe leaves room for demons to enter and cause disease.

  • NitricAcid

    Pat Robertson is a parasite who considers himself entitled to the money of the faithful. So when someone suggests cutting back on their tithe (to waste on frivolous things like health care, food, or shelter), hti reaction is always, “No- that’s MY money. You have no right to take it away from me.”

    If anyone slipped him some deworming pills, he’d shrivel up and die in seconds.

  • tbp1

    “Evil” is not a word I use lightly, but Pat Robertson is evil personified. How many lives has he ruined? How many people are dead prematurely because of him?

  • iknklast

    It blows my mind that anyone listens to Pat Robertson. Even my fundamentalist family sees right through him.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Who asks questions like that?

    It sounds more like a chatechetical written by one of Pat’s children or grandchildren, trying to make sure there is still plenty of money in the bank when the old boy kicks the bucket.

  • busterggi

    Just who does Pat Robertson tithe to? His corporate front?

  • tsig

    I’m sure he writes out checks to Jesus and if Jesus decides not to cash them that’s his business.

    Evil pusbag, he is.

  • eric

    Disgusting. Roberston makes me want to believe in hell (though not for the reasons he would expect).

  • Just out of curiosity: Is it standard practice for other sects/demoninations to say that you should tithe no matter how bad your personal financial situation, or is this an invention of latter-day radio and TV preachers?

  • timberwoof

    Yes. Religions are well-stocked with parables of very poor people doing their meager best to be hospitable to angels or holy people.

  • NitricAcid

    @#11- I seem to recall something about Jesus praising the poor woman who gave the church three mites over the rich men who gave shekels, because she gave all she had (and let her children starve).

  • No One

    I really despise this crooked little man.

  • jabes

    Area Man, that’s a common teaching in Mormonism.

  • Thanks for the replies, but I’m really wondering about what mainstream denominations (Catholic and mainline protestant) actually do. The Bible of course says lots of things that they ignore.

    I can’t say I’m surprised that Mormons pull that stunt, but at least they foster a very strong sense of community in which the less fortunate have a support line. Pat Robertson is a face in a box in someone’s living room.

  • jakc

    And a hand in your wallet.

  • jnorris

    Ed, you have it ALL wrong. Obviously one of the husband’s grandfathers did something wrong and offended Jesus who is punishing the grandfather’s children’s children. It’s in the Bible.

  • mildlymagnificent

    Area Man

    Thanks for the replies, but I’m really wondering about what mainstream denominations (Catholic and mainline protestant) actually do.

    I’m not catholic, but years ago we used to get a weekly catholic newspaper (much, much better coverage of international affairs than the local Murdoch rag). I recall one of those doctrine/ catechism/ ethical problems pages where the answers were written by a priest. And he did say, in response to a bluntly put question, that it was morally OK meaning not a sin for someone to steal food if they had no other way to feed their children. Don’t remember anything explicitly about feeding your kids in preference to contributing to the church, but my impression would be that this bloke would have suggested there are ways other than money to contribute to your church or “God’s work” in general. Even if it was only praying a lot.