‘Ex-Gay’ is the New Jewish

‘Ex-Gay’ is the New Jewish October 14, 2013

Greg Quinlan of PFOX, Douglas McIntyre of Homosexuals Anonymous and Grace Harley, who claims to be ex-transgender, went on a podcast called Deeper Waters and claimed that the way ex-homosexuals are being treated today is just like what the Nazis did to the Jews.

“The Lord brought to me the Jewish Holocaust in my prayer time and it brought tears to my eyes, because He said, ‘as the Jewish people were being victimized, demonized, demonized to the point that all the Germans and all the people started believing and accepting it, guess what folks? That’s happening here in America,” Harley said, with Quinlan in agreement. “Ex-gay people like myself — we are being so demonized and hated and this is your God they’re hating.”

“Jesus did not walk into one voting booth and pull the lever for the current administration,” Harley exclaimed.

Later in the program, McIntyre also compared the plight of ex-gays to that of Jews under Nazism: “I took a tour of the Holocaust Museum and I went through the early years and looked at exactly the same techniques of lying, suppression and propaganda were exercised there as are being played out today, almost word for word.”

Well sure. Except for all that stuff about rounding them up, putting them in concentration camps and killing them. Other than that, the two situations are virtually indistinguishable.

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