Wingnuts Criticize Jon Stewart for Imagined Hypocrisy

Wingnuts Criticize Jon Stewart for Imagined Hypocrisy October 23, 2013

Wendy Wright and Chelsen Vicari, both former Concerned Women for America leaders, joined Sandy Rios, another former CWA leader, on her radio show and they criticized Jon Stewart for the entirely imagined hypocrisy of interviewing Malala but not a Christian if they did the same thing.

I couldn’t, I just couldn’t see why there was such a disconnect between the way Jon Stewart was treating Malala for something very admirable, a girl’s right to an education, but he couldn’t stand up for the right to believe in Jesus Christ,” she said. I had this thought, Wendy, I thought, you know if Malala Yousafzai was a Christian standing up for girls’ rights to believe in Jesus Christ, would we still know her name? Would she receive all this praise that she’s getting from the international community? From our national leaders? The president just invited her to the White House on Friday. Would Jon Stewart have had her on his show? The answer is probably not and I have to ask the question, why that is?

But wait, there’s more:

Wright, the former head of Concerned Women for America who is now vice president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), was upset about a Daily Show segment from 2005 that poked fun of the “Christian persecution complex,” noting Christianity’s ascendency in the West following the conversion of Constantine I. Wright said she couldn’t understand why Stewart thinks “we are in charge and we are the oppressors,” referring to the Crusades as an instance in which Christians faced persecution. “I guess he never heard of the Crusades; the Crusades were actually defensive against the Muslim hordes,” she said.

Yes, that’s right, she cited the Crusades as an example of anti-Christian persecution.

How dare Jon Stewart act so callously in Wendy Right’s hypothetical imagination of what might happen. Has he no decency?

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