‘Psychic’ Phone Network Gets Punked

‘Psychic’ Phone Network Gets Punked October 27, 2013

The term “schadenfreude” was created just for situations like this. A “psychic” network of “clairvoyant mediums” was punked when people took advantage of their offer of a free 5-minute reading by calling over and over again pretending to be different people.

Fraudulent activity on a website offering psychic readings by “clairvoyant psychic mediums” has caused the company to close their doors to new members looking for their free psychic reading offer.

The network of psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and tarot card readers called Oracle Avenue opened for business in 2012 with a “proprietary phone platform system”. The system allows a person to connect with one of their online psychics by phone from anywhere in the world using their “click to call button”. Since opening, the psychics network presented an offer to new members which promised a free psychic reading without having to input a credit card number…

New psychic network, Oracle Avenue, found that their free psychic reading offer was “a successful campaign until recent changes”; and recently decided to end their offer. A representative for the company states that the network owner decided to close their free psychic reading campaign effective immediately, due to a recent spike in fraudulent activity affecting the network of psychics directly.

According to their representative, shortly after the start of their summer marketing campaign, an influx of new customers prompted the network of psychics and mediums to provide a large portion of their psychic readings for free with the offer running at the time. Analytics determined however, that a large portion of the new customers were actually the same people creating multiple accounts in order to take advantage of the free psychic offer. The offer gave a free 5 minute psychic reading by phone; and at rates between $2.99 to $5.99 per minute, a 5 minute psychic reading phone call with an expert psychic can cost anywhere from $15 to $30. The company experienced a loss in revenue and an increase in expenses over the course of the campaign and decided to exit the strategy immediately.

I won’t make the obvious “they should have seen it coming” joke, but I will laugh my ass off at the idea of these frauds getting defrauded.

According to their representative, psychic advisors certified by Oracle Avenue have begun to enjoy a new marketing campaign which “…is attracting customers with a different level of integrity (who are) genuinely interested in an exchange for the common good. This means that they have no problem in paying for the service that someone else provides.”

Yeah, because who better to judge someone else’s integrity than someone bilking the credulous for huge amounts of money with their fake “psychic” abilities?

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