Maddow Puts Healthcare Glitches in Perspective

Maddow Puts Healthcare Glitches in Perspective October 28, 2013

Rachel Maddow did an excellent job of putting the problems with the website into perspective. She noted that the rollout of Social Security was a massive boondoggle because of the difficulty of signing up 26 million people for the program in a year without the help of computers. Same with Medicare in 1965.

And, interestingly, same with the Medicare Part D program during the Bush administration, which had all sorts of computer glitches initially as well. And surprise, surprise, some of the same Republicans who are screaming bloody murder over the problems with the Obamacare website today were urging calm, bipartisan cooperation to fix the problems with that rollout in 2006.

This is not an excuse for how badly this rollout has gone. They had three years and it’s inexcusable that they rolled that system out without even testing it. It’s a very complex system but they spent nearly $100 million and still screwed it up. That’s bad. But the Republicans should really stop with the hypocritical histrionics over it.

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