WND: Gays Being Duped by Communists!

WND: Gays Being Duped by Communists! October 28, 2013

Paul Kengor, a political science professor at Grove City College, has an utterly ridiculous column at the Worldnetdaily about how gay people are all being duped by (those virtually non-existent) communists as part of their nefarious plan to abolish the family completely. He starts with this quote from the Communist Manifesto:

“Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.”

And then:

That quotation from Karl Marx appears in his 1848 “Communist Manifesto.” Yes, even way back then, the extreme left was looking to abolish the family, with marriage (the center of the family) specifically in its sights. Really, it’s a battle that goes back to the Garden of Eden, where a sinister force first tried tear asunder the male-female union the Creator had ordained.

The fact that he believes in an actual Adam and Eve and a Garden of Eden kills most of the credibility he might have had. The fact that he thinks Marxism is even remotely relevant to anything happening today kills what’s left of it. Seriously, communism? Aside from North Korea and Cuba, it no longer exists (even China is now a mixed economy). No one takes it seriously. It has taken a well-deserved place in the dustbin of history. It is as relevant to the modern world as phlogiston and covered wagons.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t deterred the far left, which has long been hell-bent on taking down the family. Leftists have made their arguments and tried different tactics, but they at long last seem to have found the vehicle to make it happen: gay marriage.

Oh yes, of course. We’re trying to destroy the family by creating more families. Good thinking, Sparky. The funny thing is that there actually are those in the gay community who want a radical redefinition of the family, who think that gay marriage is a ridiculous idea designed to domesticate gay people under the traditional family structure of straight people. I have a good friend who takes exactly that position. The push for gay marriage is the exact opposition of that position, for crying out loud.

This is an exciting time for extreme leftists. They are genuinely transforming human nature. (That, by the way, is the textbook definition of totalitarianism: to transform human nature.) And they’re doing it with the unwitting support of a huge swath of clueless citizens and voters.

WTF is he babbling about? The definition of totalitarianism is not “to transform human nature.” He pulled that out of the dictionary he stores in his rectum, right next to his head. And it just goes on like this, one inane argument after another. If I taught at Grove City College, I’d be pretty embarrassed by this.

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