Loudon: Obamacare Already Causing Suicide!

Loudon: Obamacare Already Causing Suicide! October 31, 2013

Worldnetdaily columnist Gina Loudon offers up this inane screed about Obamacare, claiming that it’s already causing suicides (with no evidence whatsoever, of course). And she seems to think that there’s some huge risk that someone’s private medical information will be released under the new law, which is simply absurd.

This administration has withheld health care without ever revoking a medical device. It has taken guns and lives without overturning the Second Amendment. It has caused suicides and deaths with only the weapon of Obamacare.

*holds up a big sign that reads ‘Evidence please’* It hasn’t even been implemented yet, for crying out loud. And how does giving people health insurance make them commit suicide, exactly?

I wrote a story this week about the nationalizing of our health care through Obamacare and what that might mean to our privacy. The psychological impact of Obamacare goes way beyond the practical privacy implications.

As a behavioral expert, I have already heard from people that there is just certain information they don’t feel like they can discuss with a counselor any longer. From older people, I have heard that there are medical conditions they don’t feel they can discuss with their doctors for fear of it being disclosed. From constitutional experts, I have heard that Obamacare essentially leaves constitutional rights, especially the Bill of Rights, in tatters…

How many will simply not seek mental help when they need it, and how many lives will be destroyed for it? How many will not seek medicine when they need it for fear of someone knowing they are on it?

Mitt Romney’s private contribution to the National Organization for Marriage was leaked by an IRS agent. The breach was turned into a campaign issue, but no one has ever been prosecuted. How many good people will not seek office for fear of that happening to them?

Dr. Andy Lemons, an OB-GYN from Birmingham, Ala., said he has heard stories from his patients of the Obamacare questionnaires asking about sexual orientation, gun ownership, income and other personal information. If all of this is shared among agencies, including law enforcement, as Obama has said it will be, what, if anything, is private anymore?

People who are under psychological trauma say that their greatest fear in seeking help is the possibility that someone will disclose their private information. Now they are told that it is not only a possibility, it is a promise. But the psychological trauma doesn’t end there. Not only will citizens’ private psychological information be shared, so will their medical information.

This is all complete bullshit. Every syllable of it. The Affordable Care Act does absolutely nothing to change the laws on the release of medical information. HIPAA is still the law of the land. And here’s the important part: the same people — doctors and insurance companies — will be handling that information. Your medical information resides only with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, just as it always was, and they are covered by the same prohibitions on the release of that information that have long existed.

And I’ve already gone through the signup process on the Obamacare website. It does not ask anything about sexual orientation, gun ownership or anything like that. It does ask for income information if you’re signing up for a subsidy; if it didn’t, Loudon would be screaming about how it was giving money away to those who don’t need it. In fact, it doesn’t ask anything at all about your health other than if you’re a smoker. You know why? Because there’s no underwriting for the insurance plans because pre-existing conditions are no longer a reason for denying coverage or jacking up the price.

It’s incredible just how far the wingnuts are willing to go to sow fear into people — and the staggering lies they’re willing to tell to do it.

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