Beck: Obama Responsible for Family’s Murder

Beck: Obama Responsible for Family’s Murder November 1, 2013

Glenn Beck made the absolutely deranged claim that President Obama is responsible for the murder of a family by a relative from China, who reportedly hacked them up with a cleaver out of jealousy that they had everything. So obviously this is because of Obama’s “class warfare.” The fact that the murderer is from China, doesn’t even speak English and therefore could not be influenced by Obama’s rhetoric even if it was the straw man version Beck offers? That’s a fact, which has no relevance to anything Beck claims.


And you have to laugh when Beck says “words have power” and therefore one is responsible for any violence against someone you’ve inveighed against (even if Obama had nothing to do with this family). So that means that if someone tries to assassinate Obama, Beck would be responsible for it since he is continually claiming that Obama is a communist Muslim terrorist trying to destroy America. Right, Glenn? Oh, of course not. His “logic” applies only to others, not to himself.

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