Beck: Obama Responsible for Family’s Murder

Beck: Obama Responsible for Family’s Murder November 1, 2013

Glenn Beck made the absolutely deranged claim that President Obama is responsible for the murder of a family by a relative from China, who reportedly hacked them up with a cleaver out of jealousy that they had everything. So obviously this is because of Obama’s “class warfare.” The fact that the murderer is from China, doesn’t even speak English and therefore could not be influenced by Obama’s rhetoric even if it was the straw man version Beck offers? That’s a fact, which has no relevance to anything Beck claims.


And you have to laugh when Beck says “words have power” and therefore one is responsible for any violence against someone you’ve inveighed against (even if Obama had nothing to do with this family). So that means that if someone tries to assassinate Obama, Beck would be responsible for it since he is continually claiming that Obama is a communist Muslim terrorist trying to destroy America. Right, Glenn? Oh, of course not. His “logic” applies only to others, not to himself.

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  • I’m waiting for him to link Obama to the Melendez Brothers and Lizzie Bordon…

  • Doug Little

    His “logic” applies only to others, not to himself.

    I don’t think you can even apply logic with scare quotes to him, he is way beyond even that.

  • John Pieret

    His “logic” applies only to others, not to himself.

    Maybe he knows deep down that he is just a money-grubbing blowhard who will say anything to get attention and sell more stuff and even he can’t believe anyone takes him seriously.

  • tubi

    Obama is responsible for the murder of Tutankhamen. And probably Abel.

  • colnago80

    Re tubi @ #4

    Also JFK, RFK, and MLK (via George Soros’ time machine), This is in addition to Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

  • raven

    and even he can’t believe anyone takes him seriously.

    Who does take Beck seriously?

    Only one I know is a very old guy who is deep into some age related cognitive impairment syndrome. He’s beyond the point where asking him anything is going to work.

    But there must be someone. He’s made $100 million in a few years and his media empire is growing 40% a year.

    HIs overhyped Man in the Moon show was held in…Salt Lake City. The few pictures I saw of it all showed a bunch of Mormons looking awestruck at him.

    Hey!!! Yo!!! Any Glenn Beck fans reading FTB’s? Just what has Beck ever said that was true or made any sense? Probably won’t get any answers but who knows, worth a try.

  • Larry

    Affter the re-election, I thought the wingers became even more deranged than before. Since the caving of the GOP over the shutdown, however, it would appear there aren’t any limits to the depths of insanity. This is just plain inane. How anyone with a modicum of sanity can consider this idiot a source of information and/or wisdom is simply beyond my ability to understand. Its like the rightwing has evolved to become a new species, homo idioticus because they clearly aren’t sapient any more.

  • Beck is right. Obama’s divisive class warfare rhetoric is making my Chinese relatives jealous of me. And I don’t even have Chinese ancestry! I know!

    I have proof. There’s this story, where some people were killed by another person and a purported inside source told somebody else that something something. Therefore: Obama.

    I rest my case.

  • Artor

    @ tubi #4

    Well, Obama DOES bear the mark of Cain, you know. So of course he’s responsible for doing in Abel.

  • dingojack

    Hey Glenny wanna confess to the murder and of those (indefined) children/teenagers in the ’80’s?

    😉 Dingo

  • matty1

    @ I don’t believe Glen has ever denied the rumour that he murdered a young boy in 1989.

  • tfkreference

    Glen Beck is responsible for one good contribution to society: Jon Stewart’s parody of him.

  • a miasma of incandescent plasma

    I’m starting to mentally place Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair on top of Beck’s head and every thing out of his mouth is

    I’m not saying it was Obama’s fault – but it was Obama’s fault!

  • typecaster

    His “logic” applies only to others, not to himself.

    Really? He accused Bill O’Reilly of complicity in the murder of Dr. Tiller, and I MISSED IT?

  • It’s always fun to watch conservatives rail about the evils of envy while they worship greed and interpret every human behavior as necessarily self-interested. I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for envy, conservatives would lose their reason for being.