The Platonic Ideal of a Joseph Farah Column

The Platonic Ideal of a Joseph Farah Column November 1, 2013

Joseph Farah writes a column every day for the Worldnetdaily, which he owns, and it’s pretty much exactly what you expect. But I think with this column he may have perfected his art and published the Platonic ideal of a Joseph Farah column. The headline is “Last Rites for America?” and it’s all the usual claptrap about how America is going to hell but his readers can save it by marching on Washington to give President Obama a piece of their, uh, minds.

Things are looking grim for America right now.

The patient is in critical condition, and chief physician Barack Obama and his medical team are prescribing and administering potentially lethal doses of the very drug (more debt) that sent her to the emergency room.

We’re in for some very rough times.

Is it time for last rites?

Is it time for us to start planning a decent Christian burial for this great country?

One of the things that has always cracked me up about Farah’s columns is that he thinks a single question or a single sentence is a full paragraph. That’s how you turn less than 600 words into what looks to readers like a full column. He pads it with these simplistic little questions, with the next paragraph being the simplistic answer to the question.

The American people need to file the equivalent of a class-action malpractice suit against the hospital – and I mean now.

How do we do that?

Prayer would be a great start.

Anything else?

It’s time for a massive march on Washington.

Hey, maybe you could join your buddy Larry Klayman on Nov. 19th at the White House. I’m sure there will be tens of people joining with you. But to really be the Platonic ideal of a Joseph Farah column, it has to really be a pitch for a book he’s selling. Voila:

Like Jeremiah, I warned that we were on the wrong course 10 years ago in my book “Taking America Back.” I offered a simple prescription for moral, political and spiritual renewal. That prescription is still unfulfilled, and the ever-growing state threatens to take over the health-care system, along with just about every other facet of life in our country.

But the good news is more people than ever are waking up and recognizing there really is a cure for what ails us.

Before it’s too late, I urge you to read it, embrace it and get involved.


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