Barton: Global Warming is God’s Judgment

Barton: Global Warming is God’s Judgment November 4, 2013

David Barton is not a historian. He’s also not a climatologist, a seismologist or a meteorologist. But he’s got a simple explanation for earthquakes, hurricanes and extreme weather patterns — it’s all because of abortion, which leads to God’s judgment.

“Abortion was a seed to it,” said Copeland, “that has grown into a murderous, bloody crop of child death.”

Once “you open the door to killing,” Barton added, “it’s got a lot of different manifestations” because the nation immediately falls under the judgment of God as He removes his protection and “whap, here comes storms like we’ve never seen before and here comes floods and here comes climate stuff that we can’t explain; all of the hot times and all the cold times and not enough rain and too much rain and we’re flooding over here and we’ve got droughts over here … And today we’re saying ‘oh no, it’s global warming.” No, we opened a door that lost God’s protection over our environment and that’s our choice.”

Of course. Because countries that outlaw abortions don’t have storms and earthquakes. Isn’t it fascinating how God always seems to be sending the exact same message that those who interpret these signs want him to say? And this dolt may run for the Senate.

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