Chambers Preemptively Declares Voter Fraud in Virginia

Chambers Preemptively Declares Voter Fraud in Virginia November 4, 2013

Dean Chambers continues his impersonation of Karnak the Magnificent, making predictions about next week’s gubernatorial election in Virginia and preemptively declaring that McAuliffe only won because of voter fraud. “Election fraud: The far left steals the election for Terry McAuliffe,” declares the headline five full days before the vote takes place.

If I had to predict what will happen on Tuesday, I would predict that McAuliffe narrowly wins the governorship by one or two percent, and write that headline. As has been shown in the past, liberal Democrats will cheat and steal an election if they have to in order to gain or retain political power. That’s because the Democrats are all about holding power in government, they are the party of government, they have to control government because they believe activist big government solves all problems, and progressive Democrats believe this so much, that the ends justify the means and they are more than willing to cheat in elections and steal them to gain and maintain their political power. They are Democrats in name only they are actually authoritarians.

*yawn* Same old bullshit, lathered, rinsed and repeated ad nauseum.

Now here’s the story I could easily write Tuesday night if they get away with stealing this election.

This was supposed to be a close election won by Terry McAuliffe, but the late momentum in the polls showed it getting closer and giving Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli an outside chance of winning the election for governor of Virginia. Democrat nominee McAuliffe lead for most of the campaign, but the polls tightened near the end, as it seemed McAuliffe hadn’t quite made the sale with voters by the end. The pattern by which the votes came in throughout the night, and the sudden and drastic come from behind in the count comeback by McAuliffe at the very end of the vote-couning process invite serious suspicions of voter fraud. In fact, it is quite likely that McAuliffe is the governor-elect, as a result of this election, based on the margain of voter fraud.

The official election results, before likely recounts, who McAuliffe leading with 997,845 votes, or 49.5 percent, with Cuccinelli receiving 957,528 voters, or 47.5 percent, with Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis at 3.0 percent and 60,475 votes. A total of 2,015,484 voters cast ballots for governor, or about 37.8 percent of the state’s eligible voters.

When the early returns started coming in, Sarvis was between five to six percent of the voter, because his campaign was more effective in the more densely populated areas whose machine-counted votes come in earlier, while McAuliffe held a small 49 to 46 percent lead over Cuccinelli that shrank to a 48 to 46 percent lead by the time about 12-14 percent of the vote had been reported. As some of the more Republican-leaning counties around the state began to report votes, the race flipped to Cuccinelli’s direction. With 35 percent of the vote counted, the race appeared almost tied with both major party candidates tied at 48 percent with Sarvis showing about four percent.

This trend continued throughout the night. By the time 85 percent of the votes were counted, the result of the race seemed clear (even if still close) to most, with Cuccinelli leading 49.1 percent to 47.8 percent for McAuliffe, and Sarvis between 2.9 to 3.0 percent. But the networks and news outlets were not yet calling Cuccinelli the winner. They couldn’t believe it, after all the polls showed McAuliffe leading, even though some of them showed the race a near tie days before the election. The mainstream media still seemed to believe McAuliffe would win.

By the time 99 percent of the votes were counted, Cuccinelli’s lead held. The GOP nominee was holding firm at 49.2 percent, McAuliffe at 47.8 percent, with Sarvis at 3.0 percent. The raw numbers show Cuccinelli holding a 25,000 vote margin, leading 947,953 votes to 922,872. A spokesman for the Cuccinelli campaign believed that about 20,000 votes were left to be counted from very competitive areas of Fairfax County that he believed the two candidates would split evenly. With 25,000 votes apparently left to be counted, there is really no odds that McAuliffe would be able to close the gap and win this election. But the most media outlets were still not calling the race.

Finally just about all the returns came in later that evening, showing a sudden McAuliffe lead, of 49.5 percent and 997,845 votes to Cuccinelli finishing with 957,528, or 47.5 percent. Sarvis received 60,475 or 3.0 percent.

And he’ll write that story if Cuccinelli wins no matter what actually happens or what the evidence says. What better proof can you have that his positions are entirely unrelated to the evidence than the fact that he declares his position before there could possibly be any evidence to support it?

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  • raven

    Sort of jumping the gun here.

    Isn’t he supposed to Unskew the polling results and prove that Kookinelli is going to win first.

    You wait for after the elections to start on the voter fraud and excuses.

  • Cuccinelli is coming into this election with a 24-point deficit among Virginian women.

    That’s basically 12 points behind.

  • According to Chambers, “voter fraud” is a magical spell that a level 20 Democrat can cast at will.

  • blf

    What do the reality-based polls indicate? Who looks like winning, and by what margin / with what percentage of the votes cast?

    (Apologies for not doing this research myself, I am extremely preoccupied at the moment (and so yes, this comment is procrastinating!)…)

  • @4:

    Here are the latest polls:

    McAuliffe’s average lead for the last week is 6.7%, and has ranged from 2-12%. This is not even a close race.

  • blf

    Area Man@5, Thanks! (Still procrastinating…)

  • zenlike

    Wow, that first paragraph,crank that projection up to eleven Johnny!

    Also, far left? Please, McAuliffe seems to be fairly liberal, which puts him more or less in the centre of the political spectrum with my European glasses on.

    Also, a ‘more or less) ‘real’ libertarian seems to be running. Does it surprise anybody that Ron and Rand Paul, the best friends of clueless stoner college dudebros everywhere are not endorsing him, but instead the theocrat Cuccinelli? (Rhetorical question of course, every commenter here is not surprised of course; the clueless Paulites that infest every other crook of the internet are too dumb to understand.)

  • colnago80

    There is some discrepancy in the polls which is due to assumptions made as to likely voters. The last WaPo poll showed McAuliffe’s lead at 12 points and Sarvis at 8%. If Sarvis holds at 8%, this will, indeed, be a landslide as most of his votes are coming from disenchanted Rethuglicans who are disgusted with the Rethuglican ticket. The only reason that McAuliffe isn’t a lot further ahead is that he’s a sleazebag like our current governor. A lot of Democrats who will turn out and vote for him are doing so holding their noses, voting against koo koo Ken, rather then for McAuliffe.

  • cptdoom

    Chambers does realize that the GOP currently holds all three major statewide offices in the Commonwealth, right? So somehow the dastardly Dems didn’t manage to “steal” the election last time. Perhaps they’ll be able to “steal” this election because they are actually pointing out the batsh*t insane policy positions of the GOP candidates? Nah, that would make sense, and ruin his narrative.

    And I love how Chambers attempts to create controversy by envisioning a Cooch lead early in the evening that reverses itself with later returns. Even someone as idiotic as Chambers must know that Northern Virginia, the bluest part of the state, tends to report results last.

  • colnago80

    Re zenlike @ #7

    Yeah, but the libertarian was endorsed last week by columnist George Will, not what I would consider to his credit.

  • If Sarvis holds at 8%, this will, indeed, be a landslide as most of his votes are coming from disenchanted Rethuglicans who are disgusted with the Rethuglican ticket.

    I’m wondering just how true this is. I can’t seem to find any recent polls that exclude Sarvis or ask his supporters who they’d vote for if he weren’t on the ticket. I suspect a lot of small-L libertarians would go for McAullife if Sarvis weren’t running since Cooch is such an extreme social conservative and all-around asshole.

    I agree that McAullife is basically a weasel, but he’s Jesus and Jefferson rolled into one compared to Cuccinelli.

  • alanuk

    I am a long way from this but let’s see if I can get it right:

    18.7% will get the governor they want

    19.1% will get the governor they don’t want

    62.2% will get the governor they deserve

  • Rand Paul has been campaigning for Kookinelli here. That raises the truly scary possibility that he gets enough libertarians to vote Republican that Kookinelli wins. And that’s not counting the likely effect of disenfranchisement (which Chambers is clearly trying to pre-justify here).

  • D. C. Sessions

    Cuccinelli is coming into this election with a 24-point deficit among Virginian women.

    That’s basically 12 points behind.

    Only if women are allowed to vote.

  • …the libertarian was endorsed last week by columnist George Will…

    That says a lot about Will: is entire career was built on bashing liberals, so no matter how insane or evil a Republican candidate gets, Will can never bring himself to admit that the liberal isn’t worse…so he has no choice but to endorse the libertard and pretend he’s being a innelekshal maverick.

  • @ Area Man

    You have to be careful. Why, just the other day I was walking down the street when my lucky d20 fell out of my pocket and I accidentally rolled a twenty. Now, I am governor of North Dakota. Damn it.

  • dugglebogey

    “That’s because the Democrats are all about holding power in government”

    I had no idea Republicans ran to lose. This is news to me.

    And that Richard Nixon never existed.

    Get a life and a real job, loser.

  • freehand

    So, in Virginia, ~43% of the voters are far left?

    Gee, that’s better than Berkeley.

  • acroyear

    He’s just trying to justify what will undoubtably repeat itself from the 2012 results here – that the very dense counties like Prince William, Fairfax, and Loudoun (plus Alexandria and Arlington) will take forever to post their results and those results will very likely lead to the Democratic takeover – out here we’re no longer putting up with reactionary drivel (Wolf only keeps winning re-election because of gerrymandering getting him the far west, and similar gerrymanders will ensure GOP state house and senate victories as the districts stripe deep south so every Northern VA vote is countered by 2 votes outside of the key DC suburbs.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Do these guys even listen to themselves?

    the ends justify the means and they are more than willing to cheat in elections and steal them to gain and maintain their political power

    Either this is projection, he’s cynically trying the “both sides do it” defense, or he’s trying to make people forget (or distract them) about all of the gerrymandering and voter suppression that they themselves have engaged in. I guess the choices aren’t mutually exclusive.

    I’d laugh if I wasn’t so pissed about it.

  • colnago80

    Re acroyear @ #19

    Actually, the state senate is evenly divided, meaning that the lieutenant governor can break the tie. That’s why the Rethuglicans really shot themselves in the foot by nominating a clown like Jackson.

  • colnago80

    Re Raging Bee @ #15

    The Fairfax fumbler just can’t let any opportunity pass him by to take a shot at Libertarians. Tsk, tsk.

  • re colnago @22:

    The Likudnik Chickenhawk just can’t let any opportunity pass him by to make a totally irrelevant and empty comment. Yawn, yawn.

  • Thumper; Immorally Inferior Sergeant Major in the Grand Gynarchy Mangina Corps (GGMC)

    He’s pre-emptively whining before they’ve even lost? Damn. I always wonder why they don’t just consider why they may have lost and make some changes, rather than inventing some conspiracy theory about the other side cheating.

  • colnago80

    Re Raging Bee @ #23

    My comment is not nearly as empty as the Fairfax foul ball’s cranium.

  • acroyear

    Well, that is exactly what happened that I described up in #19. It took until 9:30 for results from Fairfax, Loudoun, and PW, to finally get tallied – enough that from one minute to the next Cooch was winning by 500 to losing by 7000. By 9:45, just as Mark Warner predicted around 9, the news services were calling it.

    One interesting thing in this state is the Attorney General race – it showed that you HAVE to control the message to win, but you can’t control the message when you’ve got 527s running free under the Citizens United ruling. Herring did everything ‘right’ and was winning in polling for a while this summer, in making this about women’s rights and experience with crime.

    The 527s came in and suddenly the race became about gun rights: the 527s made a point of how Obenshain was likely to keep the “gun show loophole”, etc, and thus made the impression that Herring would work hard to close it. Nothing rallies like the fear that you’ll lose your guns, so even those that came out and voted McAuliffe or Sarvis (and certainly voted against Jackson), still voted against Herring because of the guns, an issue Herring never tried to bring up in the campaign. He lost control of the message because he (legally) could not ask this group to stop their separate campaign theoretically on his behalf.

  • Ichthyic

    As has been shown in the past, liberal Democrats will cheat and steal an election if they have to in order to gain or retain political power.

    someone should do a “schoohouse rock” song about projection for the kids.

    maybe like in the flavour of “conjunction junction”

  • Ichthyic

    just can’t let any opportunity pass him by to take a shot at Libertarians.

    it’s a big, floppy, unmoving, target.

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