Chambers Preemptively Declares Voter Fraud in Virginia

Chambers Preemptively Declares Voter Fraud in Virginia November 4, 2013

Dean Chambers continues his impersonation of Karnak the Magnificent, making predictions about next week’s gubernatorial election in Virginia and preemptively declaring that McAuliffe only won because of voter fraud. “Election fraud: The far left steals the election for Terry McAuliffe,” declares the headline five full days before the vote takes place.

If I had to predict what will happen on Tuesday, I would predict that McAuliffe narrowly wins the governorship by one or two percent, and write that headline. As has been shown in the past, liberal Democrats will cheat and steal an election if they have to in order to gain or retain political power. That’s because the Democrats are all about holding power in government, they are the party of government, they have to control government because they believe activist big government solves all problems, and progressive Democrats believe this so much, that the ends justify the means and they are more than willing to cheat in elections and steal them to gain and maintain their political power. They are Democrats in name only they are actually authoritarians.

*yawn* Same old bullshit, lathered, rinsed and repeated ad nauseum.

Now here’s the story I could easily write Tuesday night if they get away with stealing this election.

This was supposed to be a close election won by Terry McAuliffe, but the late momentum in the polls showed it getting closer and giving Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli an outside chance of winning the election for governor of Virginia. Democrat nominee McAuliffe lead for most of the campaign, but the polls tightened near the end, as it seemed McAuliffe hadn’t quite made the sale with voters by the end. The pattern by which the votes came in throughout the night, and the sudden and drastic come from behind in the count comeback by McAuliffe at the very end of the vote-couning process invite serious suspicions of voter fraud. In fact, it is quite likely that McAuliffe is the governor-elect, as a result of this election, based on the margain of voter fraud.

The official election results, before likely recounts, who McAuliffe leading with 997,845 votes, or 49.5 percent, with Cuccinelli receiving 957,528 voters, or 47.5 percent, with Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis at 3.0 percent and 60,475 votes. A total of 2,015,484 voters cast ballots for governor, or about 37.8 percent of the state’s eligible voters.

When the early returns started coming in, Sarvis was between five to six percent of the voter, because his campaign was more effective in the more densely populated areas whose machine-counted votes come in earlier, while McAuliffe held a small 49 to 46 percent lead over Cuccinelli that shrank to a 48 to 46 percent lead by the time about 12-14 percent of the vote had been reported. As some of the more Republican-leaning counties around the state began to report votes, the race flipped to Cuccinelli’s direction. With 35 percent of the vote counted, the race appeared almost tied with both major party candidates tied at 48 percent with Sarvis showing about four percent.

This trend continued throughout the night. By the time 85 percent of the votes were counted, the result of the race seemed clear (even if still close) to most, with Cuccinelli leading 49.1 percent to 47.8 percent for McAuliffe, and Sarvis between 2.9 to 3.0 percent. But the networks and news outlets were not yet calling Cuccinelli the winner. They couldn’t believe it, after all the polls showed McAuliffe leading, even though some of them showed the race a near tie days before the election. The mainstream media still seemed to believe McAuliffe would win.

By the time 99 percent of the votes were counted, Cuccinelli’s lead held. The GOP nominee was holding firm at 49.2 percent, McAuliffe at 47.8 percent, with Sarvis at 3.0 percent. The raw numbers show Cuccinelli holding a 25,000 vote margin, leading 947,953 votes to 922,872. A spokesman for the Cuccinelli campaign believed that about 20,000 votes were left to be counted from very competitive areas of Fairfax County that he believed the two candidates would split evenly. With 25,000 votes apparently left to be counted, there is really no odds that McAuliffe would be able to close the gap and win this election. But the most media outlets were still not calling the race.

Finally just about all the returns came in later that evening, showing a sudden McAuliffe lead, of 49.5 percent and 997,845 votes to Cuccinelli finishing with 957,528, or 47.5 percent. Sarvis received 60,475 or 3.0 percent.

And he’ll write that story if Cuccinelli wins no matter what actually happens or what the evidence says. What better proof can you have that his positions are entirely unrelated to the evidence than the fact that he declares his position before there could possibly be any evidence to support it?

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