Ellis Washington Gives Up

Ellis Washington Gives Up November 4, 2013

Every week I take great delight in reading Ellis Washington’s column in the Worldnetdaily. I just crack up at his pseudo-intellectual blathering, his constant and ridiculous comparisons to Nazis and, of course, his complete invention of quotes when it suits his purposes. But in his latest column, entitled “Progressives’ Nazi-like book-burning,” he isn’t even trying to make a coherent argument anymore. He starts with this quote:

“Dort, wo man Bucher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.” (Where books are burned, they will in the end burn people, too.)

– Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), German poet

Okay. So what does that have to do with American progressives? Good question, one he makes almost no attempt to answer. He goes on for paragraph after paragraph about the evils of Nazis, which nearly everyone will agree with. And then just drops this load of BS to try to make a connection:

Nazification was Hitler and the Nazis’ successful attempt to make all of Germany a Nazi State and every German citizens a Nazi by using proven tactics like Gleichschaltung (forcing into line) and Weltanschauung (Nazi worldview). Similarly, under today’s Progressive Revolution since the 1850s, the Democrat Socialist Party has totally embraced Machiavelli’s “the end justify the means,” “Might makes right,” or as Lord Acton wrote of Machiavelli, “State [and federal] power is not bound by moral law,” which can only be achieved through the liberal lie: separation of church and state. Book burnings then, Obamacare now, were simply a dramatic means to achieve these socialist ends.

The caption in the image above was perhaps written around 1943 and says that, “Ten years ago the Nazis burned these books … but in America we can still read them.” Although this statement tried to distinguish America from Nazi Germany, it is only partially true today. Why? Because while in a de jure (legal) sense America today doesn’t burn books, in a de facto (unofficial) sense through our book publishing industry, our literary agent industry, our media, our education system, our politics, our legal system and throughout culture and society, their exists an existential book burning, happening on a much greater scale by the Democrat Socialist Party, a scale the Nationalist Socialist Party could only dream of 80 years ago under Hitler and the Nazis. In modern times today, leftists creates this book burning atmosphere by deconstructing, perverting and destroying conservative ideas, particularly those out of the Judeo-Christian tradition of intellectual thought … without lighting one match or igniting one torch. Hitler would be pleased!

Only in such an anti-God, anti-intellectual society as America has devolved into during the Age of Progressivism (1860–present) and in the Age of Obama (2009–present) are Heine’s prophetic words tantamount to those of Moses, Isaiah and St. Paul when he wrote, “Where books (ideas) are burned, they will, in the end burn people, too.”

An actual causal argument? You were expecting that? Of course not. Just incoherent ranting. It’s all he’s got.

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