Bryan Fischer Teaches Home Exorcism

Bryan Fischer Teaches Home Exorcism November 9, 2013

You’re a Christian and you buy a new house, but you don’t know what went on before you bought it. I mean, gay people may have had sex there. So Bryan Fischer is here to help you exorcise those “demonic spirits” from the property. And this is funny stuff.

Doing sinful things in the house may have allowed “access, or legal ground, to dark spirits.” He explains how when he’s moved he has “prayed through the house systematically” because, as the owner, he had “spiritual authority” over the property. So he walks the property and “dedicates” and “sanctifies…every cubic inch of ground to Jesus Christ. Then he “anoints the four corners” of the property and “takes authority over any demonic spirits” and finally “ask God to establish a perimeter of warring angels” to protect his family.

I bet if he saw someone spreading chicken blood around the perimeter of their property, he’d laugh his ass off at how ignorant and superstitious they are. Because that’s totally different than what he’s doing.

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