Worldnetdaily Discovers Another ‘Muslim Plot’

Worldnetdaily Discovers Another ‘Muslim Plot’ November 13, 2013

“Michigan Muslims plot Islamic-Law Court” screams the Worldnetdaily headline. OMG! Sharia law coming to Michigan! People being beheaded! Christians thrown in prison! Run away, run away! The article is actually a perfect example of WND’s “journalism.” This is the sum total of the relevant text in the article:

A leader in a front group for the movement that aims to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state is among the Muslims in the Detroit area talking about establishing religious courts that would grant women a divorce under Islamic law, or Shariah.

About 15 Muslim leaders – including Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter – discussed the issue at a monthly gathering Sept. 25.

The discussion was prompted by a story in the Arab American News that described the difficulties that Muslim women experience when their husbands refuse to grant them a religious divorce, noted the blog Creeping Sharia.

The Arab American News article said many are forced to go “imam shopping” and travel across the U.S. to find an imam willing to grant them an Islamic divorce.

The publication commented that many Muslim women are denied a divorce, even when their husbands are physically abusive.

That’s it. The rest of the article is just a recitation of links to storis about states that have banned judges from using Sharia law (irrelevant to this subject), Germany having banned three radical Muslim groups, an Indian woman who wrote a book about the oppression of women in Islam (which, according to their own text, is something this group is trying to prevent in divorce cases) and anti-CAIR boilerplate.

There isn’t a single quote from Walid or anyone else at the meeting. There is no source mentioned for the story. There’s no recognition at all that the goal, according to their own story, is not to impose Sharia law but to protect women in divorce cases from having Sharia law enforced on them. And no recognition that this same exact problem is faced by many Orthodox Jewish women and that they already use Bet Din courts to try to resolve it. Or that such courts are within the religion, they are not actual courts with legal power. Nope, just “ZOMG! Evil Muslims trying to impose Sharia law!” when the facts of the story say the exact opposite.

This is Joseph Farah’s idea of “journalism.”

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  • Chiroptera

    This is the sum total of the relevant text in the article:

    Is it “buy our book”? That seems to be the sum total of relevant texts in most of their “articles.”

  • Do they not get the irony of freaking out over a “tyrannical” religious court that allows divorce when they themselves were successful at banning divorce not long ago?

    That’s a rhetorical question.

  • matty1

    As I understand it n most places such ‘courts’ whether Jewish or Muslim have no power over divorce as a legal matter or the ability of the courts to divide property, decide parental rights etc. The issue mainly comes up when someone who is legally divorced finds they cannot remarry in the synagogue or mosque of their choosing without a religious divorce. Those of us outside may wonder why they don’t tell the clergy where to go and get a civil marriage but the choice is theirs and if they choose to also jump through the hoops to get a “God considers you divorced” piece of paper no one else should stop them.

  • Chiroptera

    I’m guessing that the Sharia divorce court will be roughly analogous to whoever in the Catholic hierarchy handles annulments?

  • Chiroptera @4:

    It actually sounds more reasonable than a Catholic annulment. If my brother-in-law’s case is any judge, those can drag out for years and are usually resolved when the local priest decides you’ve donated enough money to the church.

  • cottonnero

    Chiroptera: or how the Orthodox Jewish community handles divorce.

  • This is Joseph Farah’s idea of ‘journalism.'”

    Look, everything Muslin is bad. Even Muslins abandoning Muslism*.


    * “A WND Exclusive: Muslins not being Muslins. What are they hiding?”