Rush: Jay-Z, Obama, Beyonce All Satanists

Rush: Jay-Z, Obama, Beyonce All Satanists November 15, 2013

Pay attention, people, this is important. Erik Rush, the wingnut who thinks America suffers from an excess of “negrophilia,” has it on “good authority” that President Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce are all Satan worshipers who are possessed by demons.

Now, this really pisses me off. Not just as a Christian, (as such, I take Luciferianism very seriously), but given the moral ambivalence and social decline America is facing, to have inordinately revered celebrities (idols) embracing and advancing satanic cults is just too over the top. Wake the hell up, America…

According to recent reports, quite a few Hollywood celebrities and music artists are members of a little known satanic cult group called Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), which has picked up where LaVey left off. Rapper Jay-Z, his mentally deficient wife Beyonce, and rap artist Peaches are among those celebs who are reportedly members of this group; Beyonce routinely flashes satanic signs and her latest album cover features the satanic goat’s head of Baphomet. Jay-Z’s clothing line, Rocawear, is replete with OTO imagery (such as sigils and the legend “do what thou wilt”).

Nice, huh?

These are not only people who millions of American youth idolize, but guess what – they’re President Obama’s good friends to boot! Other than Obama himself being manifestly evil and a supporter of Muslim Brotherhood killers, I have it on very good authority that satanic worship has gone on quite close to the sphere of this White House.

That “good authority” he has this on? He links to it. A websites called Now the End Begins, which preaches end-times theology and loopy conspiracy theories, like the one I reported on earlier this year about Beyonce` being part of the Illuminati (which does not exist, of course). I sure hope Rush tells fellow halfwit Larry Klayman about this so he can add another charge to his “citizen grand jury” to indict Obama with.

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