Cruz: An Attack on Me is an Attack on America!

Cruz: An Attack on Me is an Attack on America! November 18, 2013

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate conservative populism? The disingenuous and utterly moronic attempt to portray oneself as the physical embodiment of The American People (a group that only exists in the minds of demographers and demagogues drives me nuts. Here’s Ted Cruz not even being subtle about it:

Cruz said he was “encouraged” by the personal attacks he’s received from both Democrats and Republicans “because I think all across the country, I think people are getting energized, they’re getting engaged, they’re speaking up. And we shouldn’t be surprised. Changing the country isn’t easy. And the establishment is going to fight back. In both parties, they don’t want to change.”

“And so, the reason—the nastier the attacks get—I mean, they’re directed at all of us, they are directed at the American people,” Cruz continued. “Because a lot of the folks in Washington don’t want to be held accountable.”

No, Ted. An attack on you is an attack on Jesus. And grandmothers. And cute kittens.

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