Is Moon’s Empire Crumbling?

Is Moon’s Empire Crumbling? November 18, 2013

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon died last year, prompting a war within his family for control of the multi-million dollar religious, corporate and criminal enterprise that comprises the far-flung Unification Church. The New Republic has a very long article about that and the whole sordid history of Moon’s criminal cult. I encourage you to read the whole thing. But I want to focus on the very first comment left by a Moonie:

I am a “second generation” Moon follower who was raised in the church and does not associate with it anymore in the way most church members do, but I have and will always revere Sun Myung Moon and his wife. If this article says “it happened”, I believe it happened. However, the attitude that this article holds on “what happened” (the typical uninformed attitude that propagates the idea that Reverend Moon is a businessman or a right-wing fundamentalist) is quite easy to overcome for anyone who would have an actual heart – for *most* of the events allegedly deemed “true” by this article. There are only a few – perhaps three or four – events described by the article that are too challenging to simply “explain away,” even to people who have heart; especially the report about the “sex cult”. But, it makes no sense to get into scuffles with strangers – or in fact, *anyone* who is thoroughly skeptical or considers themselves “disillusioned” – on the Internet (of all the crummy places to converse *truth*) about grave matters of a deep spiritual nature. I am not insulting their intelligence; only suggesting it’s clear their real-life experience (no matter how entrenched they used to be in the church) has not given them the kind of love that would allow the gateway for a different “logic” to become available to them in this case. They would need to have a living experience of someone who **actually understands** Reverend Moon in the real world to be able to change their attitude, which one can’t provide them through a computer screen or phone, and it’s highly doubtful one can provide it to them over a **brief** span of time in person, either. In this case, what I would like to say is, though I don’t claim to know everything about the “spiritual world,” I would invite any second or third generation sibling of mine who has read the article and still has faith in our True Parents – but is confused about or struggling over the contents of the article – to feel free to discuss its contents with me in a sincere way. Send an e-mail to with “Moon Article” as your heading, and after some initial questions I’d be glad to share my thoughts with you to give you back some strength if you believe this article to have sapped some from you. I am willing to converse through e-mail at least initially, since you have a foundation “of heart” with me through our True Parents. I am 28 and my name is Joe.

It’s gibberish, of course, but it’s exactly the kind of rationalization that is created to protect the beliefs and affiliations that one is emotionally connected to and dependent on from being undermined. To a rational person not wedded to Moon’s warped ideology, the claim that one needs “the kind of love that would allow the gateway for a different kind of ‘logic’ to understand” what’s really going on is simply laughable. But when you have a deep emotional attachment to that ideology, when it forms the entire basis of your view of the world and of yourself, the lengths to which we will go to insulate those beliefs from critical examination are nearly unlimited.

And it doesn’t have to be religious. We do it in relationships, excusing away behavior that we should be confronting. We do it in politics, finding justifications for an action when done by someone we agree with politically even while mocking similar justifications when offered by our opponents. We do it as sports fans. It’s a very human tendency.

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