India Prosecutes the Wrong Person

India Prosecutes the Wrong Person November 20, 2013

There’s good news and bad news in this story out of India. The good news is that a college lecturer was acquitted of a charge of offending religious sentiments. There are two bits of bad news. The first is that there is such a charge at all. The second is that Islamic thugs already cut the man’s hand off to punish him for it.

A Kerala college lecturer whose hand was chopped off allegedly by radicals over his comments on the Prophet Mohammed in a question paper, has been acquitted by a court of charges of hurting religious sentiments, reports PTI.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate at Thodupuzha on Wednesday let off TJ Joseph, accepting his plea that he had prepared questions for the graduate course “without any mala fide intention.”…

Mr Joseph, a former lecturer of Malayalam literature at the Newman College, was attacked on his way to church in July, 2010, by religious activists who chopped off his right hand.

The attackers allegedly told him he was being punished for his “sacrilegious” reference to the Prophet in the question paper he had set for second-year students.

Oh, and he was fired by the university over it too. When the victim of such barbarism faces trial rather than his attackers, things are ass backwards.

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  • Things are not looking good for India. Whatever the courts say, there are those who still think it’s okay to chop off a guy’s hand for the sake of hurt fee-fees. And by firing him, the university has tacitly sided with the thugs instead of the court. I am getting genuinely scared for the fate of the country.

  • Doug Little

    I’ll scratch India off my list of places to visit until this kind of terrorism is met with the appropriate response from the government. As far as I can tell the people who cut of his hand have not been caught. Furthermore it seems there is a shit load of victim blaming going on in the comments of the linked site. Fuck that I’ll spend my tourist dollars some place else.

  • grumpyoldfart

    The report says that ‘radicals’ cut his hand off. That’s hardly radical for Muslims is it? The mainstreamers in that religion have been chopping off hands for centuries. It looks like ‘radical’ just another way of saying “Not a TRUE Muslim”.

    All swans are white if you don’t count the black ones.

    All Muslims are peaceful if you don’t count the radicals.

  • jnorris

    John Henry Cardinal Newman College fired the guy who was innocent. I bet that will make his attendance at Mass a bit edgy.

    I haven’t heard any Rightwing Christian outrage at the real persecution of a Christian by Evil Islamists, if in fact True Christians ™ believe Catholics are TC.