Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: The Discovery Institute

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: The Discovery Institute November 22, 2013

My dear friend Genie Scott is retiring as the executive director of the National Center for Science Education and the NCSE board named Ann Reid, who looks like she could be Genie’s sister, as her replacement. So the Discovery Institute’s David Klinghoffer put up a snarky post on their blog calling the NCSE a “leading science-denial group.” And heads hit desks everywhere.

In the U.S., the National Center for Science Education heads the science-denial effort that seeks to present Darwinian theory to public school students as uncontested and uncontestable. Now stepping down as NCSE’s executive director, Eugenie Scott has been insisting for 27 years on the non-existence of what is in fact a major debate among mainstream scientists about the evidence for Darwinism, going right down to the foundations of the theory. “I’m a scientist,” says Dr. Scott, referring to her training in anthropology, “I don’t know any evidence against evolution.”…

But of course the NCSE has until this moment stood for the exact opposite of these things: for the concealment of ambiguity and contradictory evidence in the study of evolutionary biology, for an ideological screen placed before students’ eyes to obscure that evidence.

There is no evidence to obscure. What the DI offers as “evidence” is nothing more than — yes — science denial and a God of the gaps position: “Science can’t explain [fill in the blank], therefore God must have done it.” This is, as many people have noted, a science stopper. It accepts ignorance as an explanation rather than as an opportunity for more research and effort to explain it.

And of course, the examples they have offered of structures at the molecular level that science can’t explain have been debunked time and time again. Michael Behe’s own research has disproved his claims of irreducible complexity, as was demonstrated years ago during the Dover trial.

What we have here is a massive case of psychological projection.

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