CFI Challenges Scientology’s ‘Superpowers’ Claim

CFI Challenges Scientology’s ‘Superpowers’ Claim November 22, 2013

Now that the “Church” of Scientology has opened its new headquarters, complete with a floor where you can develop your “superpowers,” my friend Jim Underdown of CFI-LA and the Independent Investigations Group is offering them $100,000 to demonstrate those powers.

Part of the allure of this new facility is on the fifth floor where Scientologists can participate in the church’s Super Power program. There they can work – for a price—to improve 57 senses (did you think there were only 5?) or “perceptics.”

Among the 57 varieties of powers one can hone are: blood circulation, compass direction, cellular and bacterial position, gravitic (self and other weights), motion of self, motion (exterior), as well as an awareness of importance, unimportance.

Some of these extraordinary abilities would qualify for the IIG $100,000 Challenge. For instance, Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, has publicly claimed that one could increase his own body weight by 30 lbs. in a few hours. That would qualify. That, I would like to see…

Scientologists get their Pez in Clearwater now. But I don’t want to hear Hubbardian tales about what the Super Power training can achieve. Why don’t you show the world what your wonderful techniques can do?

I challenge your entire worldwide church to find ONE person who can pony up ONE super power and demonstrate it under scientific testing conditions.

Uh oh, Jim. Prepare to have your phones tapped, house bugged and to be sued.

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