Dean’s Bizarre Views on Government

Dean’s Bizarre Views on Government November 25, 2013

The more I read Bradlee Dean’s columns at the Worldnetdaily the more obvious it is that the man simply has no idea what he’s talking about on pretty much any subject. His arguments are so muddled and incoherent that they just leave you shaking your head. This one is no exception. I’ve heard many variations of that tired old “we’re a republic, not a democracy” argument (we are both, of course), but this one is new to me:

Let’s get to our foundation so we can see what the problem in America is today.

In the biblical view of government:

  • The state is divinely ordained (Exodus 18:21)
  • State authority is limited
  • Which leads to patriotism
  • Which results in a republic (Article 4, Section 4, of the United States Constitution)
  • Based on creation

America, simply put, is ruled by law (republic), not opinion (democracy). This is the difference between following God’s Ten Commandments verse man’s 10,000.

On the contrary, in a godless, pagan view of government:

  • The state is divine
  • State authority is unlimited
  • Which leads to state worship
  • Resulting in tyranny
  • Based on evolution

America was founded on the biblical view, but the pagan view is in operation today.

*scratches head* So in the Biblical view, upon which he claims this nation was founded, government is “divinely ordained.” So wouldn’t that make the revolutionary war an immoral act taken against a divinely ordained government? Well yes, it would, but Dean simply isn’t smart enough to analyze his own claims and recognize the obvious contradictions.

There is no doubt that America is under attack. I have noticed that almost every circle of life in America has a deep concern about where this administration is attempting to take our country.

Every circle of life? This is gibberish, just completely meaningless battle.

While I do agree that things must change, it must not change to the new, but rather to the old (Jeremiah 6:16) – and not to what some want us to become, but rather back to what our forefathers intended. As you know, the problems we have today did not start in America in 1776. They started when we departed from the principles that have been given unto us.

Yeah, let’s go back to slavery and oppression for women. Actually, I’m guessing Dean would be just fine with that. After all, the Bible certainly endorses both.

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