Klayman’s Amusing Post-Mortem

Klayman’s Amusing Post-Mortem November 26, 2013

I was dying to read what Larry Klayman had to say after his “second American revolution was a massive flop, only drawing a hundred or so pseudo-patriots to hear a gaggle of wingnuts blather about tyranny, FEMA camps and the Illuminati. He does not disappoint.

Last Tuesday, the Reclaim America Now Coalition, true to our word, massed in front of the White House in Lafayette Park and delivered a Declaration of Independence demanding that President Barack Hussein Obama either address and remedy the grievances of the people or resign. We gave him until the day after this Thanksgiving to comply, as a host of activists and patriots made known their views that he had violated his oath of office and committed treason.

Oh yes, they “massed” in front of the White House. Literally tens of people “massed” in Lafayette Park, milled about aimlessly while carrying confederate flags and badly spelled signs, and listened to a bunch of people repeat themselves for a couple hours over a crappy PA system. Viva la revolucion! And that’s okay, because he’s just like Jefferson, Washington and Jesus himself:

Neither yours truly nor other members of our ever-growing coalition will be deterred by these actions of the far left, no more than other revolutionaries in past U.S. history were. Indeed, our Founding Fathers – Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson and others – were attacked similarly not just by King George III and his British crown, but by colonial Tories. And, while I do not equate myself to Jesus Christ or Moses, so too were these true revolutionaries, one of which is the Son of God and the other a messenger and agent…

We the People will not be deterred in our revolution to free the nation from the corrupt establishment class that has driven the country into the ground, of which Obama sits atop as the current president, no matter how we are smeared and threatened and no matter how the left and their allies in the media and elsewhere try to destroy us all.

And by “We the People” he means himself and a few dozen other crackpots. Some of the comments on the article are amusing as well:

Just curious, are you expecting more than 90 people this time?

You know, Mr. Klayman, when you convene fake juries in fake courts and commit to “declaring independence” at rallies no one shows up to and convene a fake “continental congress”, that’s not called having a revolution, that’s called LARPing.

That’s exactly what it is. They’re playing dress up, complete with tri-corner hates and white wigs.

Nice gathering you had there. You only needed another 150 or so to match the attendance at a recent college Shakespeare production I attended.

When you had your pretend-court trial, nothing happened. On Nov. 19, nothing happened. The day after Thanksgiving, nothing will happen. You’re the Harold Camping of the American political theatre, and you do nothing to help reasonable conservatives who have a chance at enacting meaningful reform; you simply drag the right-wing message into ridicule.

It’s okay, though. Someday that windmill will really be a dragon and he’ll save us all from its fiery breath.

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