Barton Defends His Dangerous PTSD Nonsense

Barton Defends His Dangerous PTSD Nonsense November 27, 2013

A couple weeks ago, pseudo-historian fraud David Barton joined televangelist fraud Kenneth Copeland to tell veterans that they can’t have real PTSD because the Bible says they are heroes and ministers of God. After taking a lot of heat, Barton has released a statement defending himself. It’s typical Barton, where he just pretends that the criticism is coming from evil liberals and therefore is invalid. Oh, and he loves the troops, so they’re totally taking things out of context.

David Barton and WallBuilders have a long unwavering and proven record of unequivocal support for those in the Armed Forces, including their families, as well as military personnel and veterans suffering from PTSD. David not only has several children and family members serving in the military but we also regularly highlight numerous military heroes on our daily radio program and send out blasts in support of the military. Additionally, we actively raise money for groups who work to help heal our warriors, including those suffering from PTSD. Yet despite this unflagging support, Right Wing Watch, Huffington Post, and others from the liberal secularist left recently circulated a short clip, taken out of context from a long interview David did on a Veteran’s Day program stressing the importance of spiritual components in the treatment of PTSD. As a result of the inaccurate “reporting” of these so-called “news” outlets, many who saw those reports voiced concern to us over what they had been wrongly told. It is lamentable that while we support multiple approaches for PTSD treatments, the critics are so hostile to religion that they flatly dismiss possible spiritual solutions. Rest assured that we will continue our demonstrated record of support for using all available resources to assist those suffering from PTSD. And we will continue to work closely, as we have been, with top military and medical officials who on a daily basis treat these men and women who make so many sacrifices to preserve and protect the freedoms for the rest of us.

We encourage you to watch the full program for yourself to see the entire context (link provided below)!

Let’s take these excuses one by one. First, the claim that his critics are “so hostile to religion that they flatly dismiss possible spiritual solutions” is simply a lie. Warren Throckmorton, who was the first one to hammer Barton over it, is an evangelical Christian who teaches at a Christian college. He’s also a psychologist, unlike Barton and Copeland, so he might actually know a thing or two about the trauma faced by soldiers. And Joe Carter, who really hammered Barton, used to work for the Family Research Council and now works for the Southern Baptist Convention. And he’s a veteran himself (again, unlike Barton or Copeland). So as usual, Barton is lying.

Second, this claim that his support for the military somehow makes it all okay sounds a lot like “but I have a lot of black friends.” It also sounds a lot like Alec Baldwin’s claim that he can’t be homophobic despite regularly using bigoted slurs and even threatening anti-gay violence because he supports same-sex marriage. None of those idiotic excuses do anything to mitigate the utter stupidity of what Barton and Copeland said.

Lastly, there isn’t an irony meter strong enough to withstand the blow of David Barton claiming that something is out of context. Quoting out of context is his modus operandi. His entire career as a fake historian relies upon it. And here’s a good rule of thumb: When someone says they’re being taken out of context but doesn’t bother pointing out precisely why the context changes the meaning of what was quoted, they’re full of shit.

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