Fake ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Gets a Job

Fake ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Gets a Job December 6, 2013

Among the seemingly endless number of grifters making lots of money pretending to be “ex-terrorists” turned Christian fundamentalists, Ergun Caner may have risen the furthest and fallen the hardest. The evidence against him is so obvious that even Liberty University fired him as dean of its seminary. But now he’s found another job:

If you were the trustee of a troubled college fighting to keep its accreditation, would you hire as your new president someone who was forced out of a previous academic post for lying about his past? That’s what the trustees of Brewton-Parker College in Georgia have just done; the college announced this week that it has hired Ergun Caner to be its new president.

Caner is the former dean of the seminary at Liberty University who was removed from that job in 2010 when the school could no longer ignore the evidence that the Jihadi-to-Jesus life story Caner had been peddling since the 9/11 attacks turned out to be a pack of lies. (Caner said, for example, that he was raised in Turkey and trained as an America-hating jihadist; in reality he was born in Sweden and moved to the U.S. as a very young child.)

It’s not as if the Brewton-Parker trustees were unaware of Caner’s controversial past. A press release from the college quoted an unnamed trustee saying, “We didn’t consider Dr. Caner in spite of the attacks; we elected him because of them. He has endured relentless and pagan attacks like a warrior. We need a warrior as our next president.”

So apparently, this “university” thinks that lying is a warrior virtue. As long as you’re lying for Jesus, at least.

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