ALEC’s Virulently Anti-Gay Past

ALEC’s Virulently Anti-Gay Past December 7, 2013

People for the American Way has dug up some old documents from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative powerhouse that has managed to pass so much legislation around the country. Let’s just say they don’t make the group look good. In this 1985 memo they decry those “militant” homosexuals and their silly demand for the “privilege” of not being put in jail just for being gay.


Yeah, those radical gay people who think they actually have a right to live their lives free of religious oppression. What’s next, liberty and justice for all? And it gets worse:


Absolutely disgusting.

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  • Artor

    You speak of this as ALEC’s past, Ed. Have they changed their position at all since then? I think this is pretty much their current attitude too.

  • ianeymeaney

    “A desperate homosexual frequents public restrooms, massage parlors and bathhouses in his or her quest for immediate sex.” So they are referring to all the anti-gay Republicans here?

  • dan4

    I don’t get the second sentence of the “adjusted homosexual” paragraph, since gay marriages weren’t legal anywhere in 1985. I wonder if someone didn’t make up this nonsense to make ALEC look bad (not that the group doesn’t look bad on its own) and slipped up here.

  • steve84

    They aren’t referring to legal marriages, but committed relationships.

  • ALEC has a history of being on the evil side of almost every battle? I’m stunned.

  • caseloweraz

    There’s that catchall phrase “and a myriad of other practices.” Name any behavior you find despicable, and no doubt ALEC would assure you it’s one of that myriad.

  • dugglebogey

    You have to remember, pedophelia equals “not teaching children to hate fags” to these people.