Frank Gaffney’s Ridiculous Lie

Frank Gaffney’s Ridiculous Lie December 9, 2013

Deranged wingnut Frank Gaffney seems to be competing with David Barton to see who can be the most audacious liar. He doesn’t care what the truth is as long as he can use it to make Obama look bad. Here’s what he had to say about John Kerry canceling a trip to the Ukraine after they pulled out of an agreement to join the European Union:

There’s a new revolution underway – this time in Ukraine. Mass demonstrations are insisting that country align with the European Union, not Russia, an idea adamantly opposed by Vladimir Putin and his puppets in Kiev. America should be standing with those seeking freedom and closer ties to the West. Yet, the Obama administration is literally missing in action, with Secretary of State John Kerry just cancelling a planned trip to Ukraine. See a pattern here? Where revolutionaries are working to overthrow friends of the United States, Team Obama is all for them. Where revolutionaries oppose regimes hostile to the United States and freedom – as in Iran in 2009 or Ukraine today – President Obama offers no help, or even rhetorical support. This pattern diminishes America’s standing internationally and makes for a more dangerous world.

That’s the reality on Planet Wingnuttia. Here’s the actual truth, which is quite literally the exact opposite:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged the Ukrainian government on Tuesday to “listen to the voices of its people” after President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to spurn a pact with the European Union sparked mass protests.

Kerry said Ukrainians had demonstrated “in unbelievable numbers” in favour of the accord on closer ties with Europe, which Yanukovich rejected last week in favour of Russian incentives.

“Mr Yanukovich has obviously made a personal decision and the people don’t agree with that decision,” Kerry said after a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.

“Clearly there is a very powerful evidence of people who would like to be associated with Europe … we stand with the vast majority of the Ukrainians who want to see this future for their country,” he told a news conference.

“We urge the Ukrainian government to listen to the voices of its people who want to live in freedom and in opportunity and prosperity. We urge all sides to conduct themselves peacefully. Violence has no place in a modern European state.”

Wait, so Kerry canceled the trip to the Ukraine precisely to provide the kind of rhetorical support for them joining the EU that Gaffney is demanding and claiming they aren’t giving? Yep. Gaffney is a pathological liar.

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