Sarah Palin’s New TV Show

Sarah Palin’s New TV Show December 11, 2013

Sarah Palin has found another partner for her grifting, an obscure cable network called the Sportsman Channel. After the miserable failure of her first “reality” TV show, this network is apparently eager to get any attention at all and has given her a new show called “Amazing America.”

Amazing America with Sarah Palin is an anthology of stories that explore some of the most original, interesting – and sometimes inspiring – people, places and pastimes connected to America’s outdoors lifestyle. Governor Palin takes viewers coast-to-coast into what Sportsman Channel calls “Red, Wild and Blue America” – where the American Spirit and the Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure. From everyday people to business leaders and celebrities; in cities, suburbs and towns; the leader of the “Status Go” movement – Palin – will find the stories of people and places that share and reflect her passion for what makes America the great, amazing nation that it is.

“I’m excited to help shine a light on all the great American sportsmen and women in the country who live the outdoors lifestyle,” said Sarah Palin, host of Amazing America with Sarah Palin. “Sportsman Channel is the leader in their industry and I am thrilled to be partnering with them on this show.”

Let me get out my grifter-to-English dictionary and translate that for you: “Can you believe they’re gonna pay me to spout gibberish and platitudes? Cha ching!”

“Governor Palin is one of America’s most popular leaders, whose powerful love of country and passion for the great outdoors is inspiring to millions and millions of people,” said Gavin Harvey, CEO of Sportsman Channel. “As a sportswoman, humanitarian, and patriot who has visited every corner of the USA, there is no one more qualified to host Amazing America than Sarah Palin.”

No, she’s actually not one of America’s most popular leaders. She doesn’t actually lead anything. And more than 60% of Americans view her unfavorably. John McCain must wake up every morning and think “what the hell did I unleash on the world?”

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