American Bigots Urge Jamaica to Imprison Gay People

American Bigots Urge Jamaica to Imprison Gay People December 12, 2013

Now that the Supreme Court and many state legislatures have prevented them from continuing to discriminate against and impose criminal punishments on gay people, American bigots are going overseas to demand that they do their authoritarian dirty work for them. It’s happened in Uganda, Russia and now Jamaica. The usual suspects are involved.

Activists from the United States and United Kingdom opposed to LGBT rights have urged Jamaican Christian conservatives to resist repealing the country’s buggery law, similar to sodomy laws, by arguing that homosexuality is a choice and connected to pedophilia.

Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality, told the conference: “Do not be like us, do not be like Britain, do not sit idly by as so-called ‘LGBT activists’ manipulate words and laws to achieve dominance in your country.”

LaBarbera and Andrea Minichiello Williams, founder of the United Kingdom’s Christian Concern, spoke Saturday at a conference organized by the Jamaican Coalition for a Healthy Society and the Christian Lawyers’ Association in Kingston.

The groups are lobbying against the repeal of a colonial-era law banning same-sex intercourse, known as the “buggery law.” Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller suggested she might put the law to a vote during her 2011 campaign. Her government has not yet taken any action on the legislation, but Justice Minister Mark Golding told BuzzFeed this week that he hoped to raise it next year as part of a broad review of the country’s sexual offenses law.

In this country they like to pretend that they don’t really hate gay people, they just don’t want marriage “redefined” to include them. But remember how these same people reacted a decade ago when the Supreme Court struck down state sodomy laws. It was black-robed tyranny by “activist judges” who were out to destroy what God hath declared! They know that message doesn’t sell here anymore so they pretend to be moderate and reasonable, but they expose their real agenda abroad.

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