The Most Unhinged Response to Duck Dynasty Brouhaha

The Most Unhinged Response to Duck Dynasty Brouhaha December 23, 2013

I really don’t want to write anything about Duck Dynasty, a show I’ve never watched and never will. But I can at least use it to demonstrate some of the deranged things being said in defense of the bigoted asshole from the show whose name I can’t be bothered to learn. The most unhinged one I’ve seen is from Theodore Shoebat, the son of fake “ex-terrorist” Walid Shoebat.

The Sodomite nazis are going after Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty , simply because he pointed out a truth to the darkness of the sick, violent, and twisted mindset of homosexuals…

Now they they are suspending him. What the homosexuals want to do to Christians in America is what Muslims are already doing to Christians: slaughter and enslave them. This is why we must fight this evil, and help save persecuted Christians in the Muslim world. Donate now and save Christian lives.

Imagine that, turning it into an excuse to demand money from people. How entirely unsurprising.

The only thing vile in this situation is what sodomites contrive and partake in, they indulge themselves in acts so diabolical, in things worthy of death” (Romans 1:32), and yet we are so careful to make sure that they are tolerated. The sodomite just quoted spoke of “loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.” Really? Let me show you how sinister these morally inept and demonic followers of Satan are…

And then he cites a single example of a gay couple who abused a child as proof that gay people are demonic. Because straight people never molest children, or when they do that says nothing about straight people in general. And notice that he defends the morality of what the Duck Dynasty guy said by saying that gay people should be put to death, while simultaneously invoking the barbarism of Muslims who demand the exact same thing.

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