Rapist: I Found Jesus, Let Me Go

Rapist: I Found Jesus, Let Me Go December 24, 2013

An Alabama man who admitted to raping a teenage girl served five years in prison, then was released to probation and mandatory counseling. But now he says that he’s found Jesus and is all better now, so he shouldn’t have to comply with the terms of his guilty plea.

A man who pleaded guilty to rape wants part of his plea agreement removed. The reason? Anthony Lawrence Ferrari says he’s formed a good relationship with Jesus. A judge sentenced Ferrari to 20 years in prison, but suspended 15 of those years. Ferrari served only five.

Ferrari is not upset with how much time he served. He no longer wants to do what he was told to do on probation.

Ferrari feels his relationship formed with God and the knowledge he’s gained through counseling, performed on his own, in prison and church changed his life. He no longer wants to do the treatment a judge ordered as part of a plea agreement…

“He took religious classes in prison. He also took classes regarding sex offender`s stuff,” said Attorney John Butler…

“He feels like he is cured. I guess that may not be the right term, but he feels like he is better at this point,” added Butler.

He admitted that he forced a teenage girl to have sex 2-3 times a week for a year. He should still be in prison. Five years is ridiculous to begin with. But he found Jesus, so it’s all better now. What’s the acronym for give me a fucking break?

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