The Science of Adam and Eve

The Science of Adam and Eve December 24, 2013

I’d never heard of the Creation Scientific Society until I came across this announcement of their 2014 annual meeting in Pittsburgh (is this the old ICC conference under a different name?). It will involve a virtual Who’s Who of creationist irrelevancies:

The plenary speakers are:

Fuz Rana, Reasons to Believe, author, with Hugh Ross, of Who Was Adam?

Jack Collins, Covenant Theological Seminary, author of Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? Who They Were and Why You Should Care

Ann Gauger, Biologic Institute, author, with Douglas Axe and Casey Luskin, of Science and Human Origins

And they’re going to tackle a terribly important subject:

The views of these authors have some significant divergences. This will not exactly be a “debate,” but I am sure there will be some spirited discussion! One of the main topics of disagreement is the status of Neanderthals. Most scientists agree that modern humans date to 50,000-100,000 BC, but Neanderthals go back much further and overlap with modern humans. Were Neanderthals human? Was Adam a Neanderthal? Or were Neanderthals more like “orcs” who fought against humans? Theologically, could there have been a race of sentient creatures without the image of God? Were these who Cain feared? Much to discuss.

Hard to take someone seriously when they think this is worthy of discussion.

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