Prelutsky’s Stream of Consciousness Stupidity

Prelutsky’s Stream of Consciousness Stupidity January 3, 2014

Burt Prelutsky has supposedly been a “humor columnist” for the LA Times and now is a columnist for the Worldnetdaily. Now he mixes “humor” with utter stupidity, as seen in this completely incoherent bit of drivel from his latest column comparing Mandela, Martin Luther King and Obama.

In Mandela’s case, he was apparently as good and bad as any figure of our time. Nobody can deny that he was exactly what his nation needed – a leader who not only didn’t seek revenge on those who had kept him in prison for 27 years, but who had handed over the presidency after a few short years when every other African leader hangs on for as long as he can, generally murdering countless thousands in order to do so.

On the other hand, when it came to matters outside the borders of South Africa, he was a left-wing, anti-American, anti-Semitic creep who buddied up to the loathsome likes of Gadhafi, Castro, the Russians, Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians, sounding exactly like the ayatollah when it came to Israel…

At his send-off held in South Africa’s major soccer stadium, we and the rest of the world got to see Obama meet and greet Raul Castro, behaving as if he had just run into a long-lost chum. Once again, I got to see him bend to shake Castro’s hand, just as he had with all those world leaders in 2009. The fact is Obama is 6-1, tall but not gigantic; I have a great many friends who are that tall or taller, and even though I’m only 5-7 when I stand on my tiptoes, none of my pals has to bend over to shake hands. Whether Obama thinks the slouch emphasizes his height or, God forbid, hopes to fool people into thinking he’s humble, I don’t know. But it’s a very annoying affectation, and I wish he’d cut it out.

Although I believe that Mandela’s virtues outweigh his sins, I’m not sure I feel the same way about Martin Luther King. The major difference between these two communists is that Mandela was a politician; he was in a position to turn his moral convictions into reality. King, on the other hand, was simply a reverend, a moral authority, if you will, but as a serial adulterer, I have to question how much actual authority he had or deserved. What’s more, unlike Mandela, who did so much to rid his nation of apartheid, the relations between blacks and whites in America not only haven’t improved since the late ’60s, they have become far worse, although Obama and those other reverends, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have to take much of the blame for that.

Um. Okay.

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