Utah Man Fasts to Stop Equal Rights

Utah Man Fasts to Stop Equal Rights January 6, 2014

There are causes that may be worth going on a hunger strike for. If it’s the only way you think you can prevent a great injustice, it’s certainly worth considering. But imagine being such a raging bigot that you’re willing to starve to death to prevent people from getting equality. A Utah man is doing exactly that.

A Utah man is vowing to go without any food until the state stops allowing same sex marriages. He claims if Utah wants to protect traditional marriage, it has an option it’s not using, and he’s fasting until it does it.

When same sex marriage became legal in Utah, people immediately reacted. Couples stormed county clerk buildings. State attorneys tried to stop it, and Trestin Meacham started fasting.

“I’m very disappointed,” said Trestin Meacham, fasting to stop Utah same sex marriages.

For the past 12 days Meacham hasn’t eaten anything. He’s surviving solely on water and an occasional vitamin.

“You can start a blog and you can complain on social networks until you’re blue in the face and nothing will happen but actions speak louder than words and I’m taking action,” said Meacham.

I think this is a wake up call to Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Peter LaBarbera, Scott Lively and every other bigot who considers themselves truly committed to the cause of inequality. Time for you to step up to the plate and prove to the baby Jesus that you really, really mean it.

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